How Kinect's brute force strategy could make Xbox One a success

Gamasutra: "At Monday's E3 presentation, and in the coming months, I think many will be reminded of how persistent and effective Microsoft can be. Let me show you, in particular, what happened the last time Microsoft launched a game device to an unconvinced public. When you see how much the company was able to accomplish through sheer force and money, I think you'll have a new appreciation for what it will bring to bear as the Xbox One launches."

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LostDjinn1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

The article uses kinect as a point of reference. The fact MS forced 24 million units on consumers with a mixture of money-hatting devs/pubs, advertising (misdirection) and turning their back on their core market TBE.

The thing is that kinects' impact wasn't completely positive. It's going to taint the new version which means MS is going to have to spend money repairing that before they can make any headway with XBOne (as it's now packed into every box). On top of that, the new one comes with news negatives that need additional cash/ads/deals to overcome.

It's going to be a hard sell, that's for damn sure.

bicfitness1990d ago

The gimmick is out now, and it will be hard selling Kinect (the gimmick) twice. Nintendo learned that with the Wii U. I think it will be a harder sell than analysts expect, especially if the PS4 beats MS on price too (multiple rumours have suggested this).

dedicatedtogamers1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Kinect is a fantastic example. It is The Fastest Selling Piece of Gaming Tech In The History of Ever™ and yet very quickly we notice four things:

1) current sales of Kinect cameras are dismal
2) current sales of Kinect games (with the exception of the bundled games) have been dismal
3) trade-in value of Kinect hardware and software is dismal
4) the rating/scores of Kinect games is dismal

Microsoft's brute force couldn't make the Zune a success, nor Windows 8. I know they have this reputation of being this all-powerful moneyhat that can buy success, but there are plenty of markets where they've failed.

Also, Kinect came out, what, three years ago? Am I understanding Microsoft correctly: they expect all of the Kinect owners to jump onto the Xbox One after just three years of "enjoying" their Kinect? I mean, which is it, Microsoft? Is Kinect a success? Well, if it's so successful, what makes you think people will want a new one after just three years?

Not to mention support for Kinect 1.0 will drop off a cliff (who am I kidding? It already has). This sends a great message to Kinect owners that Microsoft gives long-term support to their stuff (Xbox Original all over again)

Anon19741990d ago

And that's the problem this article doesn't address. The impact of Kinect produced a momentary boost in sales as people rushed to check out the gimmick, but look at the Kinect games. With the exception of a few dance titles, largely the Kinect library was forgettable to downright awful.

Even if the new Kinect offers improvements over the old, the gimmick is no longer new and the taint of lackluster Kinect titles still lingers. Like bicfitness mentioned, look at the Wii and how quickly the market for it imploded while the Wii-U refuses to catch fire.

The PS4 is simple to understand. It's a game console. There's no confusing the message and if it's priced cheaper than the Xbox One, mixed with the negative reaction and press it's received I think the Xbox One will have a tough time gaining traction. Same thing happened with the Wii. It was simple. People knew exactly what they were getting and it had the price advantage. Extra features are nice but confuse your message at your own peril.

gaffyh1990d ago

Kinect 2.0 is likely to suffer the same stigma as the Wii U. People already played the Wii and realized it was very gimmicky (I literally only played mine for two weeks), and now very few people actually care about the Wii U (although more now that Xbox One is so messed up). Kinect is the same, people will already understand the gimmick, and won't really care for it. Especially the casuals who bought so much of the Kinect units.

Bigpappy1990d ago

"The fact MS forced 24 million units on consumers with a mixture of money-hatting devs/pubs, advertising (misdirection) and turning their back on their core market TBE."

Um... how is that a fact? Could you also explained how they FORCED 24 million people to buy Kinect?

The article is correct, Kinect will push many consoles over the holiday season. It is the secret sauce, and M$ is betting the house on it. With wii-u doing so poorly, the causal market is ripe for the picking. Unless Sony can pull off some similar magic with its new cam, M$ will have zero competition for casuals in the living room. The Move will not have a chance, with the casuals, if put up against Kinect.

M$ also stands to have exclusive features if Sony does not also "force" their camera on the PS4 user base.

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Cam9771990d ago

Brilliant .gif ("jif", remember?), I did that on Dark Souls earlier in New Londo ruins. I was near the gate keeper and there were about 6 ghosts below so I used a miracle to go home. I'm working on the DaS plat.

StockpileTom1990d ago

lmao the implications of Xbox One being just as dangerous as one of those giant pronated skeletons... I agree.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1990d ago

This may be true.

Just cuz something is worthless ans messed up doesn't mean marketing wont be good.

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ArnoldSchwarzenigra1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Just like Microsoft's brute force approach to DRM.

"Our choice to do so, not yours. Suck it up and be good customers." - Microsoft

Us paying customers just can't get enough of it, shut up and take my money and you sweet talking bastards. /sarcasm

mikeboccher1990d ago

its like that family guy episode when Peter gets made fun of in a british accent but its ok b/c it sounds respectable in that accent

ricochetmg1990d ago

Microsoft was the first to sign-up for #PRISM

jmc88881990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

And I'm sure Kinect data will be held at the Utah Data Center.

I mean we live in a world where our fuhrer, oh sorry, President just literally came on the tv a couple of hours ago and was talking about how all the unnecessary, unconstitutional crap he does is necessary and we need to make a choice.

Does anyone else not see the parallels?

Gov't and Corporations are all treating you the same...a piece of useless meat to exploit.

How could we expect NOT to get a console like this.

The Xbox One and everything wrong about it is EXACTLY where we are as a society. All the pitfalls and traps, lies and fake promises contained within it.

Well we have all made a choice. We don't want this crap. Not from the gov't. Not from M$. Not from anybody. The outrage is huge yet the morons still act as if they can't see it.

Amazing, it only took Coke 30 days in 1986 to see people didn't want Coke II, they wanted the original stuff. Yet with information all out there, they act like they can't see it.

Don't be fools. They all know what they are doing. They know we don't want. They just don't care.

Heisenburger1990d ago

I prefer a more gentle lover.

strigoi8141990d ago

Stop defending it. This will just eliminate the console experience we just love years back

cell9891990d ago

im so turned off by the approach console manufacturers are taking, I fear Sony will be doing the same one way or another, and its all because the Publishers are starting to enslave Sony and MS, they seem to be the ones with the last word, putting all kinds of conditions and policies. There has to be a way to fight all of this.

ArnoldSchwarzenigra1990d ago

I recall the good old days when consoles came out and if you wanted them, you bought them. You put in the games and that was it. Now it seems like you have to take so much in to consideration before deciding to buy a console. Merely playing a damn game now is becoming like doing your taxes.

cell9891990d ago

Im not "dealing with it" Ill quit my gaming career if I have to, and go straight to PC is Manufacturers decide to "improve" the future

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