Geoff Keighley: Something Truly Incredible to Debut At E3 2013

Geoff Keighley via his personal Twitter account has teased some thing truly incredible for E3 2013. According to the details revealed, this so called truly incredible will be a brand new IP which will make its debut at E3 2013.

Does the DRM mention imply an Xbox One title?

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ThatCanadianGuy5142014d ago

Damn it Geoff.I want to be excited but he ALWAYS overhypes everything.

EVILDEAD3602014d ago

@ DayZ

You hit it on the nail.

Geoff says this stuff all the time. He is the king of twitter hype.

I want to believe, but will wait till the day it drops.


Why o why2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Not sure why anybody can disagree with that. This guy could hype rice to the Chinese. Please don't get mad at me for saying this but lets hope its something for the core gamers.

torchic2014d ago

people disagree with him because it's him.

2014d ago
solidjun52014d ago

He is. The guy hypes everything. He's like that dog 'Doug' from the movie "UP."
Maybe the reason why he's excited is because it involves Doritos and Mountain Dew.

InTheLab2014d ago

It's probably Doritos: the game

dedicatedtogamers2014d ago

Let the Doritos flow like a river...

The Dorito Pope has become like Pachter. Make vague statements to get people hyped, and you'll never end up wrong.

Keighley, I've got another winner for you:

"Videogames will be shown at E3 2013!"

Thanks. You can send the check by mail.

RonRico2014d ago

It's the new Doritos-locos tacos, Mtn Dew flavored.

TheFamous12014d ago

Because he is not an Angry Joe or an Adam Sessler, Geoff Keighley is basically a industry puppet at this point. He does not represent the hardcore gamer.

guitarded772014d ago

I don't think Geoff "over hypes"... I think he's genuinely excited about everything. He seems like the most excited guy on earth. He'll make a great father... every time his kid takes a dump he'll be there to make the kid feel as if it's the greatest dump on earth.

ZombieKiller2014d ago

yeah that's his job. keep the buzz going. Geoff Keighley is pretty good at his job...I'm hyped for E3 with or without him though

wastedcells2014d ago

Probably a game we already know exists but haven't seen in action. Only say that because its Geoff......

neogeo2014d ago

I agree with him! Virtual boy2!
OR......wait for it.... PANASONIC REAL 3DO.
Jaguar 128??

Foliage2014d ago

It's probably Killer Instinct

Sadly Rare is just a name now; all the employees left when Microsoft bought them.

fr0sty2014d ago

Typical Keighley Tweet. From one year ago:

"Today we filmed a huge top secret game reveal for our E3 coverage. Can’t wait to share it with you – no one will see this one coming,” "

Irishguy952014d ago

He only overhypes the VGA's. Not E3...from what I remember

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narked2014d ago

He said it in a couple of E3s if my memory serves well.

EditorAtGNG2014d ago

Last E3 we got Watch Dogs... I ain't even mad.

morganfell2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Geoff is a corporate shill - for Spike, for Gametrailers, for any hardware or software manufacturer that will cut him in, for his own undeserving ego.

Over promise and under deliver.

It isn't the first time he has broken such news and though he did indeed deliver it remains that 9 times out of 10 his reveal just wasn't worth the wait.

Geoff Keighley, the boy who cried wolf.

porkChop2014d ago

"Geoff Keighley, the boy who cried wolf."

Well said, man. Well said.

GamerToons2014d ago

I can't stand his Xbox leaning crap.

GT should be giving equal time to the other two companies.

No thanks Geoff... you are like the Carson Daily (or Ryan Seacrest) of Gaming and to be honest you f***ing annoy me.

Baka-akaB2014d ago

The irony is that Seacrest and Carson are better "journalist" and would be less irritating if involved in gaming news or shows

Persistantthug2014d ago

I'm thinking maybe some HOT DOG flavored Doritos.

Maybe I'd get a bag.


ZodTheRipper2014d ago

No matter how old those dorito jokes get I'll never be able to disagree with them haha

sourav932014d ago

Let's not rule out the possibility of mustard flavored Mountain Dew as well xD

JoGam2014d ago

It became a E3 tradition for Geoff to hype up something at E3. If he didnt hype anything it may never feel the same. Its officially part of E3 now.... Lol


LOL yea he always does.
But we all agree that this E3 is going to be incredible no matter what.

Man i can't beleive it's just 3 days away .. Can't wait!

OcelotRigz2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

"Man i can't beleive it's just 3 days away .. Can't wait!"

Nice one, didn't realize it was that close. Usually a week or 2 before E3 time turns into a crawl, but this year has flown for me and i cant believe its so damn close. Brilliant.

Oh and Keighley's a gobshite, like everyone said, he's a lick-arse and hypes anything for the sake of hyping.

Darrius Cole2014d ago

I don't care if Microsoft shows a real-life Sword Art Online. I'm not buying a console that won't let me do what I want with the games I purchase.

YNWA962014d ago

Sony will? Have they confirmed that? Get a Wii U if Sony goes always on, blocks used games?

TheSurg2014d ago

Sony said exactly same thing as MS. They Leave it to publishers if they are willing to allow trading and re-selling or not. So please get your facts straight, fanboy.

This is the future you want it or not. Sure I wish this re-sale crap to happen but that's how it is. discs will be dead just as most of paper press ( I still love it, remember the times when there was no internet ). Get over it or stay in the past.

Darrius Cole2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Sony has not built a framework for DRM and forced it onto every game on their platform, Microsoft has.

So what Microsoft is really saying is "Publishers can choose to use our standard, platform-wide DRM infrastructure if they want to."

What Sony is saying is "Each publisher is free to build its own DRM, mechanism if its wants to."

Sony has said that there will be no online registation requirements. Sony has said that the PS4 will work if it is NEVER connected to the internet. That means that they can't check to see what games I am or am not playing, and they can't tell whether the game is used or not.

Face it, you backed the wrong horse. But that doesn't mean that you should stick to your guns and keep backing the Xbone even though Microsoft intends to screw you over. Don't accept Microsoft's DRM crap.

And it's not the future. It's a dream of Microsoft, but it won't materialize.

spongeboob2014d ago

Knowing Geoff it is probably a new Doritos flavor.

ssj272014d ago

no fucking sherlock homes will have not guess that there will be bigs things at this or any e3 lol

Commandar_Shepard2014d ago

Does it have to do with giraffes? Geoff's been frantic about giraffes lately.

Doctor_Freeman2014d ago

Well I agree DayZ, but if you payed me a bunch of money I would do the same...along with everyone here. This is a big year for the videogame industry, wouldn't surprise me if this was a big announcement... I also wouldn't be surprised if it was a dupe.

Sponsors are nothing new in this world, can't believe you guys are harping on that.

dumahim2014d ago

I wouldn't do it. I cannot promote something I do not believe in.

Shane Kim2013d ago

If they poured you enough money you would believe in santa claus.

xtremeimport2014d ago

He's almost on the level of Pachter for me.

showtimefolks2014d ago

Well lets see I am excited for E3 for not what he said but because almost every publishers said they were holding back on new Ip's till E3 so we should see a lot of new games


Are owned by MS basically so he must be talking about Xbox one exclusive. After what MS has confirmed for their system they better show a lot of games and steal the show otherwise all Sony has to say is we allow used games and no need to be online and they would win the E3

RedHawkX2014d ago

Geoff Keighley: Something Truly Incredible to Debut At E3 2013.

he is right its the ps4! it will bring gamers to the promise land. playstation 4, wii u , pc the 3 muskateers the only next gen platforms.

all for one and one for all!!

solar2014d ago

Yawn. Heard this many many times

dumahim2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

I bet it's Mt. Dew flavored Doritos.

edit: crap, someone beat me to it.

Anyway. Keighley is a mouthpiece for whoever will pay him to shill their product. I'll watch if he wants to show something new, but anything remotely journalistic in nature or where he has a chance to express an opinion, I give zero credibility.

NumOnePS3FanBoy2014d ago

he's probably overhyping that one activision exclusive for the xbone. or was it from the og guys at infinity ward either way it's an fps soooo... they have to do something out of the ordinary which i don't see happening

Syntax-Error2014d ago

He already saw the new game DYING LIGHT in action and said it was going to be amazing, so I am sure whatever he saw blew him away

miyamoto2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Too much Doritos and Mountain Dew...maybe ?

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Wizziokid2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

"Even with all the DRM drama"


Why o why2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

New ip dude...... Has it been that long you've forgotten what a new ip is . ;).....

NumOnePS3FanBoy2014d ago

that's the one i believe he's talking about

-Gespenst-2014d ago

Pretty much all the stuff this guy hypes turns out not to be of any interest to me.

-Gespenst-2014d ago

Well it's more how misleading he is. Prior to the Dark Souls II announcement he claimed that old school gamers would love it, and immediately I was trying to think what classic game could be about to receive a reboot / remake / new entry.

brew2014d ago

He hyped up the The Last of Us reveal and that was warranted. Maybe this will be another one like that one.

TheSurg2014d ago

You don't get it. It's probably an XBOX ONE game that's why all the hate.

ginsunuva2014d ago

Dorito flavoured Mountain Dew