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Kojima Productions explains why Japanese Snake voice actor did not change

In their latest Kojima Productions Alert podcast, the studio talked a bit about yesterday's show, and answered some questions sent in by fans. (E3, Kojima Productions, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, Xbox 360)

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2pacalypsenow  +   815d ago
Lame excuse this series is losing points for me
xHeavYx  +   815d ago
Unless Solid Snake makes an appearance somehow, maybe all this is just Kojima trolling with us
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Gamesgbkiller  +   815d ago
Could be Easter egg :(
THamm  +   815d ago
If you were in charge of a movie, would you rather choose Sutherland or Hayter? Obviously with Sutherland they got the best of both worlds, a great actor with the right expressions and a very good voice actor as well. The photo realism sounds so cool and with tha artistic touches of the Japanese, I would love to see it. How that blends in with the 3D scan is the key. Remember how real Snake looked in the KP office, but also how real that little kid looked in it as well. Don't forget this is Big Boss not Solid Snake, obviously Solid will have a different voice as will Liquid
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Peppino7  +   815d ago
If it means losing Hayter for future metal gear games and a movie then I'm for the switch. If this is the final game then I wouldn't have made any changes. The game will be great regardless.
ZodTheRipper  +   815d ago
People are judging this way too early. What if Sutherland does a spectacular performance voicing Big Boss? Would you really care that much then? I'm waiting for some ingame scenes with Sutherlands voice until I make my final judgement about this change.
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crxss  +   815d ago

MGS is one of those series to me that's near impossible to lose points in my book.
user5575708  +   815d ago
so the english actor is the lead for snakes facial expressions and the japanese actor didnt change because his voice will be dubbed on.

so if one voice actor can be dubbed then why not the other? snakes japanese voice may not be in perfect sync with keifers facial expressions, however neither would david hayter's...

so if the japanese version will have this then i see no problem with the english version doing it too and keeping david hayter around which is what the majority of fans want
Jman36x  +   815d ago
Then who would voice Solid Snake in Japan? Can anyone answer that?
Syntax-Error  +   815d ago
So lemme get this straight...
You people are mad because Keifer Sutherland(Accomplished Actor, VGA Winner for Voice Over in Call of Duty, Jack Buar) is taking over the voice of Snake which was originally mimicked by David Hayter(Writer) to sound like Kurt Russell? Hmmm, sounds like a bunch of baby shit going on here
SexyGamerDude  +   815d ago
@Sytax-Error You obviously know nothing. You would know that Haytor has experience in acting and voice acting. He wasn't just a writer.

Don't care about Kiefer's achievements. Who gives a damn about the voice acting in Call of Duty? Haytor is better than Kiefer for this role.
blind-reaper  +   815d ago
@syntax-error I don't doubt Keifer's capacity to do a great job, it is not about that it is about changing the essence, the personality of the character, you can do that to newcomers of the series, but long time fans will feel betrayed. If you don't believe me take a look at the poor sales of the devil may cry reboot.
ANIALATOR136  +   815d ago
If they wanted someone with a weathered look and a gruff voice. Nick Nolte would have been a much better choice. I mean just look at him in films like tropic thunder. Similar look to Big Boss in this game in my opinion
Salooh  +   815d ago
I disagree. It's not a lame excuse. It's reasonable and understandable. We are just sad about it. I personally prefer the old voice in this game since it's a current generation game but if they are releasing it on ps4 then i'm not that angry because it's the only way to evolve the game.
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Nyxus  +   815d ago
I agree completely. Of course, I'm sad to see Hayter go. But the reasons they provided are very valid. The results were already visible for me in the trailer: the emotion displayed in Snake's face was impressive and I understand their goals (see the part where Snake watches MSF burn to the ground). I have faith in this studio.
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Christopher  +   815d ago
Because Keither Sutherland doesn't speak fluent Japanese.

NatureOfLogic  +   815d ago
So because MGS is more popular in the west, we have to get a new va? Just shut up kojima. You're only making me less interested in the game. If anything because It's more popular in the west, the japanese va should've been switched for a mocap+va instead. I'm really pissed that Hayter is gone simply because they wanted hollywood motion capture. It's so stupid. All the lame excuses and this is what it really comes down to.
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Heisenburger  +   815d ago
Kojima has made it abundantly clear in all of his games how obsessed with film he is.

So maybe this is what we get for pushing him to make nothing but Metal Gear for all of these years.

This really took all of the wind out of my sails.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   815d ago
Nobody pushed him to make more Metal Gear games but Konami. A lot of people are still waiting for Zone Of The Enders 3.
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Nate-Dog  +   815d ago
It's more than simple motion capture. This video explains things better I think, at least to me it does anyway: http://www.gametrailers.com...
Cloudberry  +   815d ago
As much as I wanted Hayter to back in MGSV...
I actually don't mind Keifer doing Big Boss now.

I'm glad he's got the role.
Alos88  +   815d ago
Hayter's voice was distinctive, you knew it was Snake immediately. Now I'll just feel like I'm playing Jack Bauer :(
Snookies12  +   815d ago
Good god people are so entitled... We haven't even heard Keifer's performance yet. They need to wait until the damn game has come out to judge it. If it sucks, so be it. They're entitled to hate, but at least wait until the dang thing is out. (Or at the very least, until we've heard a couple lines of dialogue by him.)

I've been a fan of Metal Gear for so many years now. I have multiple copies of each MGS game, and have the collector's edition of MGS4. That game was the reason I bought my PS3. I'm also a HUGE Hayter fan, and love his voice as Snake. Yet I'm not going to bash and hate on MGS5 until I actually hear the performance given.

Sure it sucks that Hayter isn't Big Boss, but that isn't going to lower the quality of the actual game. Kojima is masterful at what he does in terms of gameplay and design. So he possibly made a bad call here, give him a break. He does so well in so many other areas, you're going to let one negative get in the way of what could be a masterpiece of game?
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General Shrooms  +   815d ago
People knowing what they want/like makes them entitled?
ZodTheRipper  +   815d ago
You only know what you're used to, you don't know what you'll be getting with this new voice. People who plan to boycott this game because of this change without even giving Sutherland a chance have some serious case of first world fanboy problems. I got a lot of disagrees when I said this the last time but I don't care, that's my opinion as a big Metal Gear fan since MGS1. If he sucks, I'm on your side but if he's good (and I have high expectations in this case) I don't care who did the voice work in the end.
Blacktric  +   815d ago
"Good god people are so entitled"

Just stop.
ArnoldSchwarzenigra  +   815d ago
Kojima pretending this is anything more than his over eagerness to be part of the American movie scene. Everybody knows he always wanted to be a director and the change in voice actor not only allows him to get that bit closer to Hollywood, but he also gets to redesign Snake into the Hollywood persona he would have preferred had funds and popularity been available for him to do so back in the first Metal Gear Solid.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   815d ago
First of all, That Avatar :D

Secondly, Snake was inspired by Kurt Russel playing Pliskin in a hollywood flick, a fact that I think is unknown to many people. And Kojima has always been a director.

We're moving into an era were games are becoming more real, and part of that relies heavily on convicing acting and voices. No doubt that I'm heartbroken about David Hayter not voicing him, but Sutherland's acting chops are way beyond Hayter's.

Look at games like Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Last of US, Beyond 2 Souls, and you'll see that it's no longer about just shooting people (getting old) but now the human experience is playing a bigger role as well. I welcome that.
AmkOwns  +   815d ago
why not use Keifs facial expression and then dub Haytor's voice? simple
azshorty2003  +   815d ago
Because why hire a big name actor just to do something anyone can do?
AmkOwns  +   815d ago
Because Haytor>Hollywood stars.
peowpeow  +   815d ago
He meant the facial expressions..
Joe913  +   815d ago
Simple you are paying a real actor to come in and do mocap then pay a voice actor then a Japanese voice actor all for one character. I know I rather them take hayter out and put that money back in the game. I do think hayter will be back or the series will end cause Big Boss story is just about up.
thehitman  +   815d ago
You guys need to get over it seriously lol.. I dont think MGS will feel or play differently with another voice as long as it represents snake in the same way. David had a good run its life.
Muffins1223  +   815d ago
Of course the only one who defends this is te hitman guy
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Nate-Dog  +   815d ago
I love the way you say he is "defending" it, as if Kojima has done some incredible sadistic and horrible thing. Being a voice-actor is a job first and foremost. Of course after all the years Hayter will be disappointed, but he was never given a contract by Konami I'm sure saying "you'll be the voice of Snake forever".
Xklaw  +   815d ago
Just another dev losing my respect. I´ll buy this game used as a form f protest.
Buying this is used as a protest? you sound like a hypocrite. Your still going to buy it and play the hell out of it and probably end up loving it but oh yea you lost respect for the devs . They will lose money because you want to act like an entitled brat.
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Eamon  +   815d ago
There's nothing wrong with buying used games in the first place.

So if he wants to do it as a form of protest, it's his choice.
@Eamon. I buy used games to and there isnt anything wrong with that but he is saying that because David Hayter is not in the game that he isnt going to buy it new because he isnt getting his way and not to do with him being on a budget. it sounds childish. Kojima has stated why he made this choice so people should stop trying to hurt Kojima and Kojipro and Konami simply because they dont like the decision that was made
FoxHound_  +   815d ago
Stop being selfish and give Kiefer a chance. I'm going to miss Hayter as well but I'm excited to see what Sutherland can do.
Xklaw  +   815d ago
I like Kiefer, but i dont want any Jack Bauer on my Metal Gear. Yeah i´ll buy it used as a form of protest, i´ll play it and i´ll enjoy it. That makes me a hypocrit for doing it, and i´ll keep doing it whenever a Dev does something i don´t like, that´s my right, that´s my way of sending the devs a message about the things i dont like in the industry. Howcome i am the selfish one, and not Kojima for not listening to the fans? They will lose money? Then they shouldn´t hire expensive hollywood actors. It´s bad to see people just accepting everything these Devs do even though they don´t like it. How are those online passes, day 1 dlc, drm working out for you? It must be good to be screwed on your videogame. If acting on what i believe makes me and entitled brat, so be it, but at least i won´t just bend over and take it up the ass.
DarkBlood  +   815d ago
2 different things dude and not really a comparsion mgs5 isnt going to have either of those things yet you compare that to a voice actor change

apple and oranges sir, apple and oranges.......
Xklaw  +   815d ago

It doen´t matter what it is, the principle is the same. Don´t like it, don´t support it. Is that simple.
FoxHound_  +   815d ago
@XKlaw I beg of you to go down my comments and find one where I support DRM or day 1 dlc. I actually hate it. If you know anything about Metal Gear Solid you know now is the time where Big Boss is starting to change. I feel that I know enough about MGS to have a knowledgeable comment without being a blind troll. I agree that Hayter should've voiced him in GZ but I understand the decision for Phantom Pain. Oh and I love how much you contradict yourself. Blame Kojima and Konami saying they're going to lose sales meanwhile Kojima knows you'll still buy it just like your comment says.
EDIT: I respect your opinion and respect the fact that you don't like what Kojima is doing. But, to say that I'm taking it up the ass because I understand his reasoning for a new VA is ridiculous.
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Xklaw1  +   815d ago
Off Topic: I had to create a new account just to continue this discussion.

On Topic:
I stated DRM and DLC´s as an example of things going wrong with the industry that people seem to complain, but still there are enough gamers out there that keeps buying into that, to the point it becomes standard.

The same thing is going on here. People complained at first and now i just see everyone saying " Oh well, that´s ok ". This kind of mentality that people just accept things they don´t like without making a fuss just doesn´t sit well with me.

I´m very knowlegeable of MGS, otherwise i wouldn´t feel so disapointed with this decision. Kojima confirmed today on a interview that Hayter wouldn´t appear on Ground Zeroes, so, i guess that this decision is final.

And where did i contradict myself? I said that i would buy this game used as a form of protest. I didn´t say that they will lose sales, i´m pretty sure they will sell lots of copies, but they will not see my money.
FoxHound_  +   815d ago
@xklaw1 Maybe I misunderstood your comment. Maybe we should just agree to disagree :-)
Soldierone  +   815d ago
I rather have a good voice than some hollywood person. I prefer video games for a reason.....

Plus Hayter is around the same age and has about the same look. It doesn't even transfer over anyways because he is snake, so he isn't "scanned in."

Also, why did Kiefer voice the other guy in the trailer and not Snake?
Shinro  +   815d ago
Who's to say that other guy isn't the real snake?

That'd be a cool plot twist.
ArnoldSchwarzenigra  +   815d ago
I hear 24 will be coming back as a limited series. I would love to see the reactions of people if Kiefer Sutherland was fired from his role as Jack Bauer and replaced with David Hayter.
Salooh  +   815d ago
That would be a pure revenge xD .
yaz288  +   815d ago
snake didn't lose his face .. only voice, big difference. Kojima can go like mgs2 and just replace snake but we would not want that.

also something that I feel people are always forgetting and that is that there are 2 snakes, Big boss and solid snake. Its just me but I always thought Hayter should be solid snake only and I would be really pissed if that changed. Big boss already had Hayter ,Doyle .. so I didn't really care (I really prefer Doyle as big boss) . beside I think Kiefer will do a good job .. much better than the new guy in splintercell.
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FreshRevenge  +   815d ago
I understand it from a technological point. Since they will using Keifer as their voice and body as Snake. I have no quarrel with Keifer Sutherland voicing Snake. I actually love his performance in the tv show 24 as Jack Bauer. I would like hear his voice in a trailer.

The same thing happened with Splinter Cell Blacklist. I was a little hesitant on buying it but than I thought. Look at James Bond. They have a new actor playing this iconic character and it seems to work. So I think if Metal Gear is going to survive, I think they need to freshen things up.
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ArnoldSchwarzenigra  +   815d ago
Someday, Hayter and Ironside will be drowning their sorrows in a bar somewhere. And on that day, that will be the coolest, manliest sounding bar of all time.
Imalwaysright  +   815d ago
Can't believe that people are narrowing MGS immense quality down to a voice actor. If anyone doesn't get MGS5 because they changed Big Boss voice is because those people weren't big fans of the series anyway, unless they only played MGS games just to hear Hayter's voice.
#11 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Sephiroushin  +   815d ago
Fan does not equal or mean sheep...
#11.1 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Imalwaysright  +   815d ago
Sephiroushin  +   815d ago
Wow do I really need to explain what I meant?!
Not every fan will follow everything they like, if some do not like something that got changed they'll speak up and let it known, not every BIG fan just follow everything they like so Big Fan =/= Sheep ...
Nate-Dog  +   815d ago
The butthurt here is pretty incredible, I know people on other sites are moaning about it and I thought they were bad, but here it's even worse but so humorous to watch.
OrangePowerz  +   815d ago
Not necessarily. I`m a big fan of Metal Gear and usually would get a MGS game day one and I`m not sure yet if I want to get MGS5 day one.

It has nothing to do with playing the games to hear Hayter`s voice. He is Snake, just like Nolan North is Nathan Drake, Tom Hanks is Woody, Dan Castellaneta is Homer Simpson and so on. How would people feel if any of them would be replaced for no valid reason?

There are no reasons to change the voice actor, its a continuation and not a reboot. Hayter was doing the voice for Snake in Peace Walker and the first part of MGS5 is set directly after that and now he has a different voice but still looks the same?
wishingW3L  +   815d ago
then why not do the same with David Hayter too? This is just a lame excuse.
Heavenly King  +   815d ago
Until I dont hear Kiefer as Snake while playing the game; I wont believe Hayter wont perform as Snake. And even if that is the case, I bet Hayter will perform young Solidus Snake.

Kojima is the ultimate troll; and quite arrogant too, so he will try to deceive us as much as he can.
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rmw2hot  +   815d ago
Looks like MGS4 will b the last MG 4 me unless they bring Hayter back in the series.
dorron  +   815d ago
David Hayter Voice DLC incoming...

Just kidding ;-)
Mr_Nuts  +   815d ago
If I was Hayter I would record the lines myself after the game comes out and ask the hacking community for help to let people put it into there games. Kojima wold be livid
Der_Kommandant  +   815d ago
If MGS was made by Capcom
cpayne93  +   815d ago
Why the heck are they aiming for photorealism? I always liked the fact that mgs characters had some more unique designs to them. I don't want character models that look like real life, because you can make them look cooler than that.
Nyxus  +   815d ago
Actually, for established characters like Snake they did keep the designs, and they didn't 3D scan them for that reason (only facial capture).
cpayne93  +   815d ago
I realize that, but why do they want realistic character models for some of them at all? Mgs characters always had a bit more of a stylized look to them, even in mgs4. Why would they change that? Why go for a more realistic approach? What's with all this focus on realism in video games? I know what real people look like, I don't need them in mgs. If you aim for photorealistic people you lessen the chance of creating a really interesting character model.
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Eamon  +   815d ago
It was a significant milestone to overcome.

Right now, next-gen graphics will be taking a turning point. For a serious game like MGS, to compete with other titles in graphics, Kojima Productions have to make a choice of keeping regarding their art style.

Photorealism was the best choice. Since MGS is very much a cinematic game inspired by many hollywood films, it was the best choice.
Welcome2Die  +   815d ago
Can anyone even differentiate the different Japanese voice actors? Seriously?
Listen to 10 different Japanese male voice actors and pin point them to the right person. You cant.

Anybody could have voiced Snake in Japanese and no one would care.
Joe913  +   815d ago
That and I don't think the Japanese gamers buy there games based off the characters voice they buy games for gameplay hmm sounds like a good idea.
e-p-ayeaH  +   815d ago
I got tired with Hayters voice after MGS4 im glad that MGS5 is taking bold risks to make things fresh.

Hayter can always go back with a MGS1 remake i guess.
#18 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
josh50187   815d ago | Immature | show
Crimsonwilson  +   815d ago
As long as Sutherland doesnt voice Solid Snake Im fine. I actually love the fact that there using a different voice actor for Big Boss.It always kinda irked me that they used Hayter for Big Boss' voice in 3. Being a clone doesnt make you the exact same as the original.
legend423  +   815d ago
i honestly believe hayter will be in this game its just gotta happen then next game hayter is back as solid snake again i think its just a one time thing with kiefer sutherland
mediate-this  +   815d ago
I honestly believe in the near future, this will be the norm, like interactive movies in a way. have big name actors/actresses doing mocap and what not, lending their acting talents to console screen.

kind of like a blend between movies and games, interactive movies. lol would be a huge gimmick
Knushwood Butt  +   815d ago
Akio Otsuka is awesome, that's why.

Personally, I can't stand David Hayter's Snake. Just comes across like some guy trying to sound, 'hard', and doing a poor imitation of Kirk Russell in Escape from New York.
Knushwood Butt  +   815d ago
Kirk Russell? What the hell was I thinking??? And Escape fro New York is one of my favourite films. Must have been too early in the morning, before my caffeine...

Kurt Russell... Kurt...
KingKevo  +   815d ago
Hideo Kojima doesn't even listen to the freaking English voice actor. The only time he does is at the studio, but he's not interested in listening to him in the final game. He's not good at English and he doesn't care about the English dub.

It was probably someone from Konami's marketing who told him to get a guy from Hollywood in to get more attention and to have something to promote the game with on the casual market here in the West.

It's ridiculous what Konami and Kojima Productions did here, and no offense to Kiefer, he's a good actor and cool guy, but the situation as a whole just sucks. It's all about PR and marketing and selling the game to casual people. No one who is responsible at Konami in Japan gives a cra*. The know an American actor will do a good job and give them some more attention and that's was their plan.

However, by now, I'm pissed.
Aghashie  +   815d ago
I have no idea what to think. I love MG, but come on! DH is doing the voice we grow to love so much since the PSOne era.

I got my reserves. I want to play the game, but not buying day one. Gonna wait for reviews or something, maybe ill rent the game before spending my money on just a sub par product.

I have a very decent games library, and can tell u, I put the games to te test before buying. I can name just a few games I had purchased without trying. But this one is not gonna be one of them. Not hyped for MT, but my hope is high on this one. Let's see what happen.
ShiranaiJittai  +   815d ago
Big Surprise? Must be Zone of the Enders 3. It has been long enough and we got an HD collection. Just announce it already!
pythonselkan  +   815d ago
My guess is that the masked man shown in the Phantom Pain's reveal trailer (Ishmael) - who already was voiced by Kiefer himself, will also have Kiefer's face modeled for the character... The article states that for the majority of the MGS characters: "The goal is to achieve photorealism, so they are taking people from real life." Leading to the reason why his face is being covered with bandages...
Even though in the recent Konami Pre-E3 show, they showed Kiefer's face being modeled for Snake's...
Do you think that for such a famous actor, he would only voice the character and do mo-cap for him... and not model his face for the character too? Using the newly "Photo-realistic" Fox Engine?

Keep trolling Kojima, keep trolling :)
OrangePowerz  +   815d ago

Just get a very good motion capture actor, that will be cheaper then Sutherland, to do all that and have Hayter dub over it.
#28 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
S2Killinit  +   815d ago
at this point I think the trolling idea is out of the picture. They actually changed Snake's voice.
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   815d ago
A new (and familiar)voice for a new fanbase (360 owners), I guess... Konami knows that the 360 version will sell poorly in Japan so no need to change the voice actor.
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