Resident Evil: Revelations: The Case for an Upgrade (and the Wii U)

Revelations is no longer a 3DS exclusive, negating some of that impetus for keeping the handheld, but the 3DS’s loss a definite gain for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and – to a greater extent – Wii U owners. But should you upgrade if you have already played the game? And if you do, does the Wii U’s dual-screen gameplay recreate the 3DS experience enough to make it the version gamers should choose?

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-Mika-2016d ago

Wrong! The WiiU version is not the definitive version. It has several major issues. Here a quote from the eurogamaer technical review for RER. People seriously need to do research before they make articles like this.

"On the whole that is certainly the case in the HD edition of the game. For the most part we see a steady 30FPS across the 360 and PS3, with frame-rates only briefly dropping down to the mid-twenties during large boss battles that feature a larger number of enemies in screen. We see some small dips down to the high twenties on the PS3 from time to time, but this never stands out to us outside of like-for-like comparisons.

On the other hand, the Wii U version appears to be visibly less refined in this area, with small but frequent fluctuations in smoothness adding some noticeable stutter to the experience. Furthermore, frame-rates are hit harder when the engine is under load and this has a larger impact on the controls compared to on the 360 and PS3. Aiming and moving around in general feels heavier and less responsive in the Wii U - there appears to a much larger dead-zone that creates a delay between moving the analogue sticks and the action appearing on screen. Comparatively, we had no issues with button presses, so the way the controls have been programmed to the sticks seems to the the issue."

Brien2016d ago

I'd probably not call it the definitive version myself. But Nathan seems to think so... But he only had the Wii U version to compare to the 3DS original.

Brien2016d ago

You could let him know your thoughts on the site, I'm sure he'd welcome the information/debate.

mydyingparadiselost2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I can't attest to which version controls better or has the better framerate but that wasn't the point of the article, the author is saying the touchscreen on the Wii U adds more to the gameplay by offering a 3DS styled two screen interface along with the single screen version offered on the PS3 and Xbox. I played the demo on the Wii U and had no framerate issues but can say the aim could have been slightly tighter, it didn't ruin the game though and the touchscreen does do a great job of working as a scanner and keeping screen clear while still giving easy access to any menu items.

LonDonE2015d ago

agreed, played the demo on wii u and the dead zone is terrible and makes aiming hard, this is becoming a common problem with wii u games using the game pad, assassins creed 3 also has very bad game pad dead zone issues, Nintendo needs to tell these developers how to program correctly for the game pad, black ops 2 also has dead zone problems, and in all the games when the pro controller is used these dead zone issues disappear, i for one enjoyed the demo allot more on my PS3, the control's were so much tighter, i hope these dead zone issues can be patched, and the developers can learn to code properly for the game pad to insure it is not a problem in the first place!

Realplaya2015d ago

It's funny I have not had as many deadzone issues as you. Also I have not seen review sites saying this was an issue in games.

LonDonE2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

go to any of the forums for the games i mentioned, u will c loads of people complaining and demanding a patch, the problem exists, and for multi console owners like me, its much more pronounced, the review sites barely even talk about the games and the flaws these days, go to sites like digital foundry for more technical break downs of games! ! or better yet, try the pro controller in the aforementioned games, and then switch back to the game pad after a few hours, you will notice it, if not then you may be that type of gamer who cant notice these things, like allot of people these days who swear that they cant see a difference between 30fps and 60fps, which is ludicrous, some times if its hard to see the difference, you most definitely will FEEL the difference, just like with the dead zone issues!

RAFFwaff2015d ago

no need to keep your 3ds because resi revelations is no longer an exclusive? you sir, are an idiot. how is this trash approved?

AdvanceWarsSgt2015d ago

Came here to make the same comment.

If Resident Evil is the only game the author finds a worthwhile reason to even own a 3DS, then he has very, very picky tastes.