Murdered: Soul Suspect is a Die Hard-inspired ghostly detective story | Polygon

Polygon: "What would happen if John McClane died in the middle of Die Hard? And then became a ghostly spirit of vengeance? How would he continue to fight? How could he stop Hans Gruber and his team of terrorists from blowing up Nakatomi Plaza as a disembodied phantom?

These are the questions that led Square Enix creative director Yosuke Shiokawa (Dissidia Final Fantasy, Death By Cube) to conceive of Murdered: Soul Suspect, a paranormal mystery adventure game in development at Airtight Games, developer of Dark Void and Quantum Conundrum."

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NatureOfLogic1929d ago

Why hasn't polygon been down voted yet?

LostDjinn1929d ago

It has. Many, many times. It just takes a massive amount of votes to do jack around here. Although if they keep up their crap it wont be that long

On Topic: I don't know what to make of this game.

ArnoldSchwarzenigra1929d ago

Why hasn't Dead Hard already been made? Where you play as John McClane's ghost and stop terrorists.

darren_poolies1929d ago

Noob question but how do you down vote it?

CaptainYesterday1929d ago

Under Read full preview click and an option comes up :)

darren_poolies1928d ago


Thank you :)