SEGA's E3 2013 lineup

SEGA is bringing a total of five games to E3 2013.

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Endless_XX1956d ago

Ten bucks say this announce a game during the Nintendo E3 direct.

Mottsy1956d ago

" Sonic Lost World,
Castle of Illusion,
Company of Heroes 2,
Total War: Rome II,
The Cave ."

3-4-51956d ago

Can't wait for Total War: Rome 2

animegamingnerd1956d ago

probaby will be the third sonic game in the 3 game deal they have with nintendo

NovusTerminus1956d ago

They better showcase PSO2!

Myst1956d ago

I kind of forgot about that game but now that you reminded me I hope to see that as well.

ThanatosDMC1956d ago

I want Yakuza HD 1&2 and Yakuza 5 all ready. PSO2 would be great.

SegaGamer1956d ago

I will so happy if they do, Shenmue 3 would be like a dream.

TongkatAli1956d ago

Wii U got those exclusive Sonic games. I hope Nintendo fans buy those games.

Myst1956d ago

Already have my eyes set on Lost World I just need to see more.

miyamoto1955d ago

LOL I saw what you did there... Sega Europe might show its PSV exclusives on E3.

TongkatAli1955d ago

I have a Wii U and 100% getting that Sonic game.

Amphion1956d ago

Where the fuck is Shenmue 3?

Letros1956d ago

Total War: Rome II is going to be amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.