E3 2013: Exploring Sonic Lost World | IGN

IGN: " You want more details? You want more gameplay? There's plenty of new video and information about Sonic Lost World waiting for you – right now."

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Jagsrock2016d ago

This looks fantastic! Love the precision controls, no more sliding sonic! Looks like this is going to be even better than generations. The 3ds version also looks great too.

iplay1up22016d ago

I for one am looking forward to this game! Looks great and they mixed it up allot! I am also happy its a Nintendo exclusive because Nintendo needs the Support. I will be picking up PS4 too, but good for Sega and Nintendo!

dedicatedtogamers2016d ago

This looks good. The last two big Sonic games - Generations and Colors - were two of the best Sonic games in years. I think Sonic Team is on the upswing and this game proves they're improving.