Unreal Engine 3: Lineage III? City of Heroes 2?

Epic Games can add another licensee to their rapidly growing list. NCsoft has announced that it has licensed the popular Unreal Engine 3 to develop two yet unnamed "top tier" MMOs. NCsoft has used Unreal Engine 2 in the past to develop Lineage 2, known for its beautiful graphics even by today's MMO standards, and its soon to be released game Exteel.

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decapitator3768d ago

Do you guys see whats happening ? Here is a quick update:

Sony announce a deal with EPIC to make UT3 timed on PS3 and also helps EPIC make the UE3 work better on the PS3.

Sony announce a deal with NCsoft to make MMO's for the PS3 which are yet to be revealed.

I will go on a limb here and say that, the unannounced PS3 MMO will be using the UE3.