Far Cry 2: No Demo, Early Autumn Release

Far Cry 2 was on show for the select few at A full preview will be on its way, but before that the game's narrative designer, Patrick Redding, let us know when we can get our dirty little mits on it.

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dachiefsman3678d ago

wasn't expecting this title to be released this year....sweet!

Cwalat3678d ago

im a bit concerned over the console versions...

early autumn release makes me wonder if they will be lowered in quality..
Since we all know how games on PS3 turn out when rushed..

Gorgon3677d ago

The game was to be released in March 2008. So it has in fact been DELAYED.

mighty_douche3677d ago

bah... i was expecting a PC demo at least :(

not even with a pre-order...? booooo!

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