Is Sony Missing Out By Not Charging For PSN?

One analyst believes so, but that is ludicrous.

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Snookies122018d ago

Of course they're missing out on profit, but Sony cares about gamers which is why they keep it free.

Belking2018d ago

No they keep it free because they are afraid of customer backlash. Instead they find other ways to charge for it. ala PS plus. They won't make the same mistake with Gaikai though.

Snookies122018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Doesn't change the fact that PS Plus is an amazing deal though. Also, there's no doubt that Gaikai will have to be paid for. They'll have an entire library of games to play on there.

The_Con-Sept2018d ago

Exactly. If they charge for PSN this round they will lose customer faith. PS+ is a step in the right direction. Soon enough it will be a game service we pay for like cable tv, onlyunlimited access to every game. I'm not talking about ftp games, I'm talking about anything that comes out disc or digital wise is ready to download. Even with ps + I don't download every single game that comes out. There are some that do not interest me at all.

The PS4 may eat HDD space on certain titles that it believes you will purchase but imagine just having the game already without having to worry about purchasing a copy right then and there. Developers would still get paid none the less.

Belking2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

@snookies above

"They'll have an entire library of games to play on there."

Which will require online connection. Why is it ok for them to require it and not ms.? Double standard out there.

Da One2018d ago


What double standard, are you really that slow.

Comapring apples to oranges, doesn't even begin to describe what you're doing.

S2Killinit2017d ago

How can you ask the same question so many times? To answer you again "because it is NOT required to play your games" its not a necessity. Once you download your game from PS network, then you don't HAVE to be online to play it. Yes?

Snookies122017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

@Belking - Very simple. Gaikai is not required to play your games that YOU purchase. It is a side service that you can buy into to play mostly older games. (PS3 and those that came before...)

It is in no way required. It is something that you can purchase a subscription to as an extra.

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Tapioca Cold2017d ago

I ll be very surprised if it stays free. I wont be surprised when everyone complains. Microsoft makes everyone pay an online pass snd no one cares
If sony does it everyone will complain.

Snookies122017d ago

I believe they've already stated that it would remain free to play games online.

Wizziokid2018d ago

Sony need to keep that standard service which lets people play their games online for free and this is from an active PS+ subscriber.

SpideySpeakz2018d ago

They already have PS+, which has better quality than Xboxlive. Besides, Sony is not money hungry, greedy snob westerners who takes advantage of the consumer. They're very straight forward, and implements no type of complicated BS just to play games. For dealing with Sony for nearly 13 years by owning the Playstation brand, I've had no complaint except on the issue of backwards compatibility.

JetP06192018d ago

even if sony did charge, id gladly pay still. but the way they are now is amazing, they should keep it free and continue the charges through playstation plus. this is coming from ps plus subscriber ever since the service started.

mrmancs2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

One of the main reasons why I stick with Sony and wouldn't use Microsoft to wipe my arse with.
More amazing is that Sony offer the chance to pay and you get more in return for what you layout... Incredible.

T22018d ago

Your right . I have a 360 and its literally annoying when they autorenew you every year without even asking ... You have to specifically choose the option not to renew ... Then when you dont play for a while you think of money you wasted to pay online

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