Race Driver: GRID previewed by PC Gamer

There's a strange look of embarrassment spreading across lead designer Ralph Fulton's face. It stands out from his otherwise giddy and enthusiastic presentation. "So, when you complete a race category you unlock a one-on-one race against, ah, Ravenwest Motors," he says. "They're the sort of bad guys in the game. These races are like boss fights."

He had nothing to look shifty about. This was just confirmation that GRID is going to continue the cheesy rivalries of ToCA: Race Driver, and it was the plot that made that game stand out in the first place. If the team want something to be embarrassed about, PC Gamer nominates their dropping of the ToCA name for a subtitle that sounds kind of edgy but means absolutely nothing.

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madestar3768d ago

i hope it comes to ps3. for sure it isn't going to come on xbox 360

Boldy3768d ago

It's coming out for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

AngryHippo3768d ago

....before making stupid comments like that and you might not make yourself look like a total idiot in future, or were you just being a moron, trying to irritate people and in that case wrong zone, go to the open zone.

sonarus3768d ago

lol @madestar. Grid is a fantastic looking game though and the damage is phenomenal. This is the type of damage i am hoping makes it into GT5 proper

wulan3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

If you look closely GRID is an updated Burnout Paradise.

There is no way it would even come close to GT5.

yes in terms of gameplay it might be fast and furious like Burnout but defintely it wont be anything close to GT5 in terms of graphics and overall feel

sonarus3768d ago

i knew it wouldn't be the same gameplay wise ane yea it does pretty much look like burnout but the damage model is still one of the best i have seen

Glad to be a gamer3768d ago

The driving model/physics on Toca are the best ive seen on previous gen consoles. although i never played forza on xbox so couldnt cp the 2.

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squelchy153768d ago

ok madestar that sounds like fanboyism...the area u want is one click that way--->

but answering ur question...yes it is coming to ps3 and for sure it is coming to the 360 and i know for sure coz i played it on 360 at live

cellypower3768d ago

Is it any good squelchy15?

AngryHippo3768d ago

.....agree with CellyPower.....'Is it any good squelchy15?' This game looks extremely polished. In my opinion one of the best looking racers out there, but graphics are NOT everything. It needs to play well as well. From what i have seen of this game, the developers have done themselves proud and it might not have the same following and fanbase as gran turismo but this will give it some damn good competition in terms of looks.

Glad to be a gamer3768d ago

Wonder which game will be the must have racer this year? I was certain it would be Gt5 but this is making me do a u turn. Just love the idea of being part of a story with the racing team and rivals rather than just racing for racings sake.

Forza 2 has rivals but its not as developed as this with racing teams and leagues. having to work your way up the ranks/leagues is what i loved about toca games.

Blademask3768d ago

Cant wait to play this one and gt5

hotrider123768d ago

cant wait to play it too!!!!

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