PS4′s DriveClub Will Be Playable at E3; New Artwork Revealed

Today Sony Evolution Studios officially announced that the first playable demo of the game will be available at E3, meaning that gamers will get to see a lot more on how the game looks and plays.

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Majin-vegeta1745d ago

I envy you people who will get to play it first :(.

Abriael1745d ago

You and me as well. Envying my colleagues in the US... will have to be content with Gamescom >_>

One4U1745d ago

First rule of DriveClub , We dont Speak of DriveClub !

abzdine1745d ago

thank you Sony for caring about gamers!!
Drive Club will be mine

Wizziokid1745d ago

I am so jealous of anyone who is going to E3 right now.

SpideySpeakz1745d ago

I wonder if there's anyway to sneak in. Heard its not opened to the general public.

FamilyGuy1744d ago

Sony is letting in 40 people on a first come first served basis to their conference. This is a way in for the non-games media public but it is obviously very restricted. It's 3 days from now but probably already has a few extremist lined up.

SpitFireAce851745d ago

I took a day off to watch all the streams live come Monday...its not the same as going there but its better then nothing lol...

Jamaicangmr1745d ago

Hit it out the mofo park Evolution.

josephayal1745d ago

Happy it's not a sim racer, sim racers get boring too fast

Abriael1745d ago

Do they? I enjoy both. They offer a different experience.

PS4 will already have its sim racer anyway. It's called Gran Turismo. Bet they're going to announce it soon.

Heavenly King1745d ago

It depends on what each person likes; if not, then why GT5 sold 10M copies??

Abriael1745d ago

I'd hazard a guess: because it's great :D

ape0071745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

agreed but I respect sim racers and their fans, drive club look so fantastic, i hope it's an arcade racer with a good learning curve

i also want a mindblowing nextgen burnout game, no open world settings

abzdine1745d ago

i'm actually glad it's not a simulation for the only reason that it wouldn't create a useless competition with Gran Turismo.
Sony are doing things the smart way and none of their games looks like another.

I am hoping for a ModNation Racers 2 on PS4. I really loved the first one

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mrmancs1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Made me laugh ppl on certain other gaming sites of which mostly was blown away by the latest footage but some idiots who are obviously butt hurt it looks better than preject cars mentioning popping up grass that personally I found hard to spot and asking is it 60fps?! It's still in development!!! And personally I have not seen a more realistic looking racer.
Love the way the cars being pushed were skipping out slightly ready for drifting... I find trying to drift on let's say gt5 with a steering wheel impossible for some reason.. This game looks way more fun.

insertnamehurr1745d ago

This game looks beautiful, i will enjoy playing it for hours when i buy my ps4, but, what bugged me was the last footage looked a bit different and yeah the grass disapearing, not that its a big issue but i just thought id point that out xD

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The story is too old to be commented.