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Edge- Dust 514 Review

Edge:An awful lot can happen in three seconds. Or nothing can happen, and then you get shot in the back. That’s our baptism by bullet into Dust 514’s unforgiving future – and it foreshadows a lot of what’s to come. After customising a freshly spawned clone with new armour and munitions purchased via Dust’s in-game store, we deploy on the surface of our very first planet. Once there, we just about find time to tweak our controls before a hotshot sniper treats us to our second look at the deployment screen within half a minute. It’s brutal and disorienting, but mostly just expensive. It costs us 3,064 ISK to replace all our gear. (DUST 514, PS3) 4/10

HammadTheBeast  +   695d ago
3046 isk?

My suits cost 100 000 isk per death, even then I manage to make about 300 000 per game.

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