Edge- Fuse Review

Edge:Fuse feels like a B-side. A prog-rock B-side, to be specific: stodgy, overblown and wrapped up in its own delusions of grandeur. It’s far from the confident and characterful multiformat debut Insomniac promised in its reveal trailer for Overstrike, the game’s original name, prior to a dumbfounding art overhaul that stripped it of much of its personality.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Is that a Four/100 I see?

LOL, how the mighty have fallen.

Edit: Now Fixed.

CGI-Quality1843d ago

The mighty have still fallen. :(

first1NFANTRY1843d ago

a new rachet or resistance game for next gen will surely pick the giant back up.

brianunfried1843d ago

Ha! "A prog-rock B-side" I like that analogy.

Heavenly King1843d ago

I just want them to make an open world R&C on the PS4.

SoapShoes1843d ago

Considering there is a movie in the works I'm betting that there will be a game releasing sometime around that time.

cell9891843d ago

I just hope Insomniac returns to its old glory, still one of my fave devs, but seriously they need to review their current state in the console biz, maybe it wasnt such a good idea to go multi-plat