Battlefield 4 multiplayer demo at E3 2013 to have 64 players

Battlefield 4 multiplayer demo at E3 2013 to have 64 players

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Snookies121930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Nah, CoD will still sell crazy amounts just because of the name alone.

Which is unfortunate, because Battlefield 4 is looking SO much better in just about every way possible.

PurpHerbison1930d ago

I have a feeling CoD is STILL going to outsell BF.

Wizziokid1930d ago

"Battlefield 4 multiplayer demo at E3 2013 to have 64 players"

So did Battlefield 3.

I do hope they have 64 players for next gen systems however, they have no reason not to do it this time around.

Convas1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

If it's on running 64 players on PS4 (especially PS4 since that's going to be my new main console) or X1, then they'll have my cash.

PockyKing1930d ago

Well, Planetside 2 is running over 2000 and is coming to the PS4...sooo...I think 64 is a given for both consoles. DICE did say they could do it on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but the graphics would have taken a hit and they didn't want that.

I would love to see some huge maps in Battlefield 4 with 256 players like MAG. One can dream right?

papashango1930d ago

Normally I'd play the devil's advocate against the ps4 but ya...

After putting in a few months of planetside 2. 64 players is a joke.

HaMM4R1930d ago

Hopefully it'll be longer than the bf3 one, the trailer was really shot, and this year I hope to see a proper demo.

B-radical1930d ago

People will have hands on with it,not sure if multiplayer or single tho

cpayne931930d ago

Isn't bf4 coming out on current and next gen consoles? I thought it was confirmed that it would be 24 on current gen and 64 on next gen. Could be wrong tho.

princejb1341930d ago

Bf3 on ps3 had 24 players

That wasn't an issue though
The biggest issue onmps3 is hit detection lag, is so annoying

Hopefully next gen they fix this on ps4 and on xbone or I'm not purchasing

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mrmancs1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Ps4 is made for mmo so 64 player death matches should be a breeze.

andrewer1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

What are you smoking? You can't compare both because the graphics and some other complexities of BF4 are WAY better than MMO's. *Not saying MMO are bad, but it's completely different*. It's the opposite of a breeze. But I have to say, as a PC gamer, if PS4 runs with 64 players, I will be quite impressed with the system.

Feralkitsune1930d ago

Well, it's not that hard honestly. The current consoles could do it, it would just make them have to turn the GFX down.

General Shrooms1930d ago

The amount of players has little to do with the console and more to do with the game.

merciless1930d ago

Cod better bring something to the table other than a dog and an old gen engine which they unsuccessfully claim is actually next gen. That, or I'm willing to predict a shift in what title claims the most sales next gen.

Wizziokid1930d ago

people will still ride the COD train, the people the buy the same game every year don't know any better

evilsooty1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Sounds good. But if I were getting a PS4 I would be more interested in Planetside 2, which is a better Battlefield game than Battlefield itself! Plus it's F2P.

Wizziokid1930d ago

I like Planetside 2 and Battlefield, while they are similar they both have qualities which set them apart, for those not wanting to buy Battlefield 4 however Plantside 2 is the closest experience you will get and yes it's free.

I'll be getting Battlefield 4 as well as continuing to play Planetside 2 however

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