Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror Detailed; Vaguely Dated

The next Warhawk expansion, Operation Broken Mirror, will be heading for the European PSN Store sometime in April.

20 New Screens

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LOFT3163742d ago

Another war torn landscape !! This time in the snow and what with the new viechel's and weapons and at a good price again this game just get's better
There's gonna be plenty of great game's to play over the coming months on the PS3 !! Good time's ahead the news just keeps getting better

games4fun3742d ago

is that the APC judging from the screenshots is overpowered

games4fun3742d ago

did you play the maps already (they are not out yet), it has a bubble shield and people can spawn in it with an extra random weapon how is that not overpowered i bet the people who disagreed dont even own warhawk because i do

xplosneer3742d ago

the bubble shield doesn't last forever, and the tank itself has no weapons. The bubble shield also doesn't move with the APC. It's kind of like the dropship going solo-it usually dies-and I think that expansion turned out pretty well.

Gish3742d ago

just please tell me a warhawk can't flip over that apc like they do to the jeeps... Pisses me off to no end.

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The story is too old to be commented.