Rage Reaction To The New Xbox One Press Release, And Discussion On PS4 And Current-Gen

eGamer writes: "After the recently unveiled Xbox One press release, I once again react to the available information, but this time keep a more level head and conduct some analysis, as well as talk about where the PS4 is at, and make comparisons between the PS3 and Xbox 360 this generation."

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Excalibur2020d ago

This might be M$'s vision of Next Gen gaming but it's not mine.
I won't have anyone dictating to me how I play the games that I buy or what I do with them afterwards and I won't have anyone forcing "options" on me that I flat out don't want or will never use.

I will not be dragged kicking and screaming I quite simply just will not participate.

Tody_ZA2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )


The two things I'm hoping to hear the most from Sony are:

1) Sony confirms they're sticking to earlier promises that the console can be used "old-school" and you can go totally offline with it. This will prevent the console from having any DRM verification process.

2) While Sony has said that third party titles and their restrictions will be up to publishers (like MS), Sony themselves won't require things like online registration for games.

Here is the direct quote: "At a roundtable this morning, Sony's game studios chief, Shuhei Yoshida, told reporters that any requirement for users to register a game online in order to play it would be left to game publishers. Sony won't require that." (Emphasis added.) Apologies for missing that during our attempts to clarify just how similar or dissimilar Sony's next-gen policies are from Microsoft's."


So I'm praying that Sony exclusives (like Killzone: Shadow Fall, for instance) do not have any barriers or restrictions or fees or DRM.

If these two conditions hold for Sony, I'll be an extremely happy customer.

The irony is crazy though. Just after finding out about the 24 hour DRM that the Xbox One has in the recent press release, South Africa, the country I live in, experienced a country-wide ADSL downtime (the cause was unknown), and some areas haven't recovered internet use yet. So if that countdown clock was close to the 24 hour mark, the whole of SA would have pretty much been sitting with a brick.

360degrees2020d ago

I find myself confused as to the true feelings and motivations of the current dedicated gamer. For countless years I have heard repeatedly from avid gamers about how much they love the developers that bring them such huge and entertaining titles year after year. And how if you are a true gamer you would adamantly support them with your hard earned dollars and buy the game new. Even going so far as to condemn those who would dare to pirate a copy, and essentially steal money out of their pockets. But now that Microsoft has bravely decided to implement a program that guarantees a higher profit of new game sales for developers, the community once again backslashes? This is a scenario where one can not have their cake and eat it too. Either you are for the Developers as I am, or you are for the Used game, GameStop, market. Gamers must decide where they stand on this issue

BladerunnerZX2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Im 39 and started gaming with the Atari2600.

I have been a gamer for over 30 years and I can tell you that I want absolutely nothing to do with the Xbox One for many valid reasons.

Microsofts Xbox One policy is heavily anti consumer and I want no part of it.

I do believe that we the core gamers can have an affect on this situation by both voting with your consumer $$$ also by informing all non gamers / casuals about the horrible anti consumer tactics that Microsoft is implementing with Xbox One.

Sure there will be the clueless soccermoms and kids screaming for Halo 5 that will blindly buy an Xbox One but the gamers and hardcore can still have a large affect by getting the truth out on social media.

jmc88882020d ago


You are confused. It starts with accepting incorrect info to begin with.

The figures on piracy are complete lies. How do you lose money from a group of people that wouldn't of bought your product to begin with?

If anything some pirates try games they never would have bought, find they like them, and then buy the game...or the sequel.

So when you talk about the online checks and used game bs you talk about 'guaranteed more sales'....

really? how do you know it will lead to more sales.

The pirates won't buy the product anyways, and if people can't sell their games, then they will, in fact, have less money to buy games.

If you kill the used game market, all the people that use that money to buy new games, won't be buying those games.

Killing used game sales, could lower new games sales by 50-100 million units a year...maybe more.

So how is that 'more profit'?

You are not harmed by pirates and only look like a fool for shilling for corporations that are lying about the effects of piracy.

So no, you aren't being a good person for toeing the company line. You are just toeing the company line for a company that has no problems selling you down the river. They merely used the fake piracy issues as a divide and conquer. A boogey man to blame that the morons would accept as an evil that would then allow M$ and others to implement some real draconian crap that has nothing to do with 'piracy'.

It's like our war on terror, a boogey man we created, al-qeada, that we still fund/train/arm to this day. But we use that boogey man we created to create all these Patriot Act/TSA/DHS/War on Terror/Humanitarianism-Respons ibility 2 protect/Sopa/Pipa/PRISM/Utah Data center and so many others.

It's a scam. The piracy excuse is just a fake boogeyman meant to be used as a reason for people to cede control to M$ and others.

Microsoft hasn't bravely done anything, they set up the morons with a fake reason, and then have followed through on 'solutions' to their 'fake reasons'.

Create a fake problem and create a fake solution...why? Because through the process they gain control and the ability to screw you more.

No gamers like you must use your head and really understand what is going on, instead of making a fake dichotomy of how we should 'behave' by either being shills for gamestop or shills for M$.

In your world view we have to be shills for someone. That that is the only decision we have.


Tody_ZA2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

This is the other major problem, BladerunnerZX and jmc8888. Publishers exaggerate how bad some issues really are.

Ten years ago, it was game rentals that were "destroying profits". Six years ago, and for half of this console generation, it was piracy that was destroying profits. Now, after all their failed DRM and useless attempts to beat it, the current fad among publishers is that secondhand sales and the used market is the destroyer of profits.

Publishers are ALWAYS going to find something else to blame. The simple reason is, they simply want all the profits.

Publishers are now receiving more power with these policies.

The really funny part though, is that according to information from CinemaBlend:

EA made $70 million more in digital revenue (DLC, digital sales) than GameStop's entire used game sales revenue. That's ONE publisher making more with its digital sales than the biggest supplier of used games - it's not even counting retail profits EA made. Even if you add GameStop's revenue for both hardware AND software, EA's digital profits only trail by 200 million.

Basically, digital revenue is increasing much more than used game sales profit, which hasn't really been shown to be increasing.

One of my main problems is that all of these policies, aside from just being anti-consumer, are making the console seem overly technical and restrictive. It's affecting the simplicity of console gaming, which had always been a major reason to own one.

While my above comment does say that Sony and MS will be required to have similar policies and restrictions for third party games such as those published by EA and Activision, where the difference is, as I mentioned, is in MS' 24 hour verification system, versus the PS4's (from what we know right now) ability to be "old school" and totally offline. Secondly, Sony has said that while publishers can decide on online registrations and such for their own games, Sony won't require it, and I HOPE this translates to exclusives (Sony published games) carrying no restrictions.

Those are the only two things I want to hear. Otherwise, I think we all know that publishers like EA and Activision will enforce the same policies on both platforms.

But Sony doesn't have to make its console have a verification system or require an internet connection, nor have to do anything it doesn't want to with games it publishes itself.

Those two things are entirely up to them.

onanie2020d ago


Insightful video. I agree, *nothing* in Microsoft's recent press release can be regarded as a "feature". Every single bullet point is about how to restrict the legitimate consumer, yet amazingly there have been a few "gamers" who would still try to spin it in positive light.

Imagine, your plate of sumptuous steak was just swiped away, only to be returned half-eaten, albeit with the side salad left untouched. Some here have actually gone the equivalent of "That's actually not too bad...". If you're not a shill, what the fuck is wrong with you?

amiga-man2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I buy all my games new and don't trade them either but there is no way I can support any form of DRM, giving more control to corporations will not lead to a better gaming experience but almost certainly to a more expensive and convoluted one if M$ get their way.

Part of the charm of console gaming is it's simplicity, buy a game put it in and you know it will work apart from online in M$ case unless you subscribe to gold which is just more money grabbing by M$.

I hope to god every gamer takes a stand and says no more, and gives gaming back to gamers.

far from making more money from me with DRM (if Sony is thinking this way) they will lose a customer that only buys games new, but I expect to then be able to use it as I like with no restrictions, is that asking so much?

Kleptic2019d ago

All it really comes down to is whether or not you accept the notion of 'potential sales', or reject it. I've always felt this potential sales thing is just a bad joke. 95% of game 'pirates' are NOT going to buy the game anyway, and i've never come across any real evidence of that being false.

I'm not against measures to reduce used game profits for non-creators. I'd rather a dev get a cut of a used game sale, than Gamestop's executives, even though this is the ONLY industry on earth that seems to have the creators of a product scrambling for money any time said product changes hands...does Honda get a cut of money every time a high school grad gets a used Civic?

MS's policy on the Xbox One is NOT how to handle it imo, though. That is simply an illusion of infrastructure that MS is creating. I love where MS says 'if you don't have access to dedicated broadband, the Xbox One will work fine with a mobile data connection'...haha...what part of the planet has mobile broadband, but doesn't have dedicated land lines available?

This is a production problem, not a consumer problem. If they want to do it right, a game should be unlocked at the time of purchase, by whatever business you are purchasing from, used or should not be something the consumer is forced to allow happen every single day. If XBL is MS's future...then any authorized seller, at the time of purchase of any software, should have the means...created by attach that software to your existing account. If you are a consumer without internet access...a simple inexpensive flash card should come with the console, loaded with DRM, and it could simply be something you keep in your wallet. You get back with your disc, you put it in, scan your 'official membership card' or whatever the hell you want to call it...and you never worry about it again. When you buy another game, you bring the flash drive again. If you fack around with that flash drive, your shat won't work...period...

Its all in Sony's court now. They may do similar stuff. They may not. But if both consoles have to be online to play even new games...This industry is going to fall apart pretty quickly i'd bet.

Garbanjo0012019d ago

Was just thinking, what if instead of people being greedy at MS they just GAVE THE PUBLISHERS A LARGER PERCENTAGE OF SALES.... and that would make things just fine. Publishers would get a larger cut which would help them towards the issue of not being screwed by the second hand market, and MS learns a lesson in humility. I think that's reasonable. Gamers don't have to worry about fees, restrictions and issues, and MS gets what they want: a console that publishers want to go to and create new IPs to deliver to gamers.

Problem solved, someone flag MS and tell the it's not too late.

Pinkdolphin2019d ago

Every DRM game onthe one will be DRM on the ps4 so it honestly doesn't matter what policies microsoft has sony will not get a free pass. Why is everybody thinking that because sony doesnt require it in their games third partys like ea and activision wont do it? Drm already exists on the ps4, watchdogs a ubisoft game requires to be online at all times because it will be "better connected" translation for DRM sincevwe all know thas is a load of bs since watchdogs is a single player game. This isnt microsofts policis they are the publishers polices microsoft would rather sell acouple more consoles than have always connected checks since they are not in the business of making multiple AAA games in a year.

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One4U2020d ago

@ excalibur , agreed man ! this may be MSs vision for next gen but as a gamer its not mine !

SpinalRemains2020d ago

Its a corporate vision.

No real gamer or lover of videogames or anyone over the age of 25 wants this garbage. Perhaps younger fans won't care or know any better, but you can bet your bottom dollar that a vast majority of gamers are going to laugh at this thing upon launch, all the way through to its sunset.

Excalibur2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

@360degrees, I have no problem supporting a publisher.

When they make a game I absolutely have to have I buy it day one and when they make DLC worthy of having I buy it as soon as it's available and when they make it with high re-playability values 9 1/2 times out of 10 I keep the game.

That said if they make crap game after crap game with 5 hour campaigns, tacked on Mp and want to rip me off with their season passes they will find me/us supporting them less and less, it's their choice, they need to make a better product and they need to stop blaming us.

That also said Cliffy B. has bought he and his wife matching Lamborghini's I don't need to hear their tears that they aren't making enough money.

UnHoly_One2020d ago

If you guys think that publishers are going to release multiplatform games on both XB1 and PS4 without using the same rules across both systems, you are deluding yourselves.

There are going to be a lot of backtracking Sony Fanboys once all the facts come out.

mikeboccher2020d ago

to add onto this, why would MS put this system in place if developers weren't going to use it? Don't people realize MS spoke to them beforehand. Hell, the Gamestop CEO did an interview two months ago where he said "the world will stand up and take notice" b/c the xbox one was going to do exciting things.

Dorwrath2020d ago

Dont you think its a bit weird how Sony is saying its not Always on, yet they avoid the online check question.

UnHoly_One2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Yes sir, exactly.

Console gaming is taking a big leap in a direction that everyone may or may not agree with, but it IS going to happen, and Nintendo is going to be the only one of the big 3 not going along with it. (But nobody wants to make games for their system, anyway, so the publishers don't care.)

I'm not trying to be the champion for Microsoft here, I'm really not, but the fact of the matter is that technology is constantly changing and evolving, and it's going to do so regardless of how many people cry about it on a gaming forum.

For every one of you that say, "Well then I'm just not buying it". There are going to be hundreds that buy it without batting an eye, because they simply don't care, or don't know about any restrictions.

There are people like me, who will suffer zero negative impact and only reap the positives. I don't use any of the things they are trying to restrict, and my internet hasn't ever been out for 24 hours, not once, in the 13 years I've had access to broadband.

But all the other things? Lending games remotely to people on my friends list? That is freaking awesome. Having a second person in the household able to play your games without buying a second copy? Also awesome. (The way I read that part, anyway, implied that 1 other person could play simultaneously, saving me from buying two copies of a game for me and my girlfriend.)

Any small amount of concern I had prior to this announcement is gone now. I'm on board. The Xbox controller is enough to make me want this to be my primary console for multiplatforms next gen, and now I see no reason that it won't be.

Edit: Yes Dorwrath, if it is all up to the publishers, I see no reason they can't ask for all of the same requirements, and you KNOW that they will.

Angeljuice2019d ago


Just who exactly is paying you to say this crap?

Remote lending of games is 'awesome', maybe, but when its limited to once per game it may as well not exist at all.
Having 2 people play the same game without a second copy. 'awesome', indeed it is, I've been doing this for years on my PS3, only difference is that ms won't allow you to play any game on more than one machine at a time, unlike PS3 where I can play against my friends using the same purchased game SIMULTANEOUSLY. Honestly, who are you trying to kid?

UnHoly_One2019d ago

How exactly are you playing one copy of a PS3 game on two separate consoles?

Also, you said "ms won't allow you to play any game on more than one machine at a time", even though that is exactly what they said you could do with the XB1.

Here is what they said.

"Just like today, a family member can play your copy of Forza Motorsport at a friend’s house. Only now, they will see not just Forza, but all of your shared games. You can always play your games, and any one of your family members can be playing from your shared library at a given time."

The way I interpret that, I could go to a buddy's house, load up any of my games to play, and at the same time, somebody could be at my house playing the same game on my console. If that is how it works, it would surely work with two consoles in the same house as well, which is what I was talking about.

Anyway, there is no point in arguing any of this, I'm buying a PS4 and an Xbox One.

P.S. Nobody is "paying me" to say any of this. I simply happen to be in the minority of people on this website that has a mind of own, instead of being a part of the Sony Hivemind. I like both consoles, I like all kinds of games, and I'm open to everything.

And probably most importantly in this particular conversation, I'm not afraid of a few little DRM restrictions that are going to have zero negative impact on how I personally buy and play games.

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indysurfn2020d ago

@460degrees, your confused huh? So you think you can come here and say If your American you will want to invade Iraq! Either your for America or your for not invading Iraq! Wrong! We don't have to want to give up ownership and do what we want with our own property just to support developers. If we dont want to support developers we can pirate. Once I own something I don't need permission to play it! Please ask big brother if it is okay to play this for the next 24 hours. Please tell me if I can play it in my friends machine without paying a fee (to who knows who at this point!).

This sets a president for EVERYTHING from Microsoft office to Windows! I want to sell my machine do I? I must pay about 200 companies fees before I can sell it! That would make my machine upside down the day I buy it. That is the road that we are heading down!

Sell yourself out now but don't come with that douchbag logic!

GrownUpGamer2019d ago

-Robbed a Store on parole. Has to check in every week.

-Bought a game and want to play it. Has to check in every day.

Just like TSA. THEY are treating you like a criminal.

Copy this and paste everywhere in every gaming site comment/forum.

Psn8002019d ago

Ms talks utter rubbish and is not happy sharing the market with Apple , Sony it thinks it can take over but with this rubbish no chance .

Garbanjo0012019d ago

Who is an Xbox Gamer switching to PS4 this year? I know I sure as hell am. Screw this shit MS.

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Excalibur2020d ago

I have some questions about this 24 hour clock.

Is it constantly pinging the net when it not on? If not then let me paint a scenario.

I don't turn the box on for 30 hours and when I go to do so I don't have a internet connection that means my box is dead now until the connection restores?

No one sees a problem with that?

I'll tell you, I work in the telecommunications industry and the more things move to VoIP and such the more issues arise.

One4U2020d ago

doesnt those speech recogniser thing like siri use internet to work , if so then kinect has to be connected online to work !

brianunfried2020d ago

Speech recognition is fluffware, you will use it a couple times because its cool then turn it off.

DragonKnight2020d ago

I am more concerned about the supposed "cloud powered" games.

Doesn't anyone remember SimCity's excuse with this?

IF games are cloud powered, there will be games that require a constant internet connection. Mircrosoft are quietly putting always-online DRM through with this and no one seems to be seeing it.

rdgneoz32020d ago

or the fact that if it's cloud powered in your internet goes out the game will look/run crappier or not run at all.

Tody_ZA2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Yes DragonKnight, you are completely correct. I'm glad to see that you took note of that. I noticed that more closely, recently actually (after making this video) in the Xbox One's terms, where it's explicitly stated that:

"Games that are designed to take advantage of the cloud may require a connection. "


This means that games that utilise the cloud as a primary tool will require a persistent internet connection, and will function much like MMOs, and this stretches to single player games. It's exactly as you said.

Personally, I don't want to be overly cynical about anything, but I am very doubtful about the practicality of this cloud-based gaming, and I am very doubtful about it truly working as they've hyped it to. For me, it seems like something that, because every home and internet situation is different, opens up the possibility for technical faults.

I hope we get to see how this works more at E3 and after, because I'm skeptical of cloud powered games being practical.

mydyingparadiselost2020d ago

Too bad M$ isn't taking questions at E3, otherwise you might get some answers.

2019d ago
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from the beach2020d ago

I cringe even thinking about watching 'rage videos'

medman2020d ago

As an owner of a 360 and a PS3, I was really looking forward to the next gen. Sony still has my attention, while Microsoft has only ensured I will not be following them into the next generation. There is no way I will sign up for the crap Microsoft is trying to implement. Hopefully Sony will not go a similar route. I understand the publishers concerns over used games and piracy, but to punish your entire customer base for the actions of a minority few is incomprehensible. The Xbox One will not see one dollar from my pocket. I sincerely hope I don't have to say the same about the PS4.

Excalibur2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

@medman Same here, I have a 360, PS3, PC and access to a Wii via my GF, I have plenty to play for years to come.

Maybe by the time I'm ready to move to next Gen, Devs, pubs, distributors and the like will pull their heads out of their @sses, If not I'll just retro game or find another intrest.

longcat2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Same here, i have a herculean backlog...i can check next gen at the end when stuff is cheap. i dont go for multiplayer no worries

Pintheshadows2020d ago

Guys, I have a genuine question.

Now if I have understood this correctly, as a predominantly single player gamer, I would buy an Xbox One with a game (a fair chunk of cash I would imagine), and would then be forced into paying for Live so I could connect to the internet every 24 hours otherwise it would essentially be useless as a gaming device?

So I would be PAYING to jump through Microsoft's hoops.

Dlacy13g2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

If all you play is single player, xbox live has a free membership that would work for you.

Pintheshadows2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Okay, well that is a slight positive I suppose.

Wait, are you sure that is right?

I know they offer 12 months free subscriptions in some new games but I wasn't aware of an entirely free service. I doubt that i'll get an infinite supply of 12 month free subscriptions forever.

Haha, listen to me, sounding like i'm actually considering this abomination. If Sony pulls this nonsense as well (I have faith that they themselves won't but they will enable publishers to do it) it is off to PC land I go.

I'm an optimist Tiquila.

Tiqila2020d ago

how's that sth. positive? neutral at best!

StoutBEER2020d ago

Wow disagrees on this comment? It's called siver idiots.

2019d ago