No new Resi 5 gameplay video this week

Capcom has told Eurogamer that we won't be seeing any new gameplay footage of Resident Evil 5 released this week despite reports to the exciting contrary.

According to the publisher, the special DVD attached to Famitsu in Japan this Friday will only contain an interview with a producer on the title, not a fresh glimpse at the action as ThreeSpeech suggest.

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decapitator3742d ago

This is why you should always take ANYTHING PSU post with NO GRAIN OF SALT at all. They lied.....again.

Cwalat3742d ago

you guys have no idea how pisst i am right now,
i feel like killing some of the liars... care to join ?

Gorgon3742d ago


Killing is too strong a word. Maybe squeeze their balls instead?

BlackIceJoe3742d ago

This sucks every one gets there hopes up then right when you think there will be new news every finds out there was nothing at all and then every one is sad to have been waiting for nothing.

Rikitatsu3742d ago

at least they denied it ....

madestar3742d ago

it's going to be an ok game because it's going to be dumb down due to the xbox 360. thanks bill. it would of been a great game if it was exclusively on ps3

fenderputty3742d ago

what the hell did your comment have to do with the thread at hand? Devs have already said it's going to blow your mind. Take the flame posts to the other section. All you're doing is inviting in every fanboy to come argue with you.

Gorgon3742d ago


And why exactely would it be better if it was a PS3 only title? Maybe you're dreaming the Cell would be doing miracles?

M0KILLaU3742d ago

Well for one it would be longer than a few hours

Gorgon3742d ago

And why is that? Longer would mean a lot more development hours, a lot more money into development, a lot more people working on it, etc AND a lower user base to sell it.

If they WANTED to make it longer they could just release it in more than one DVD. RE games where never open-ended free-roaming games, so there's no problem with multi-discs.

So again, why would it be longer exactely?

Dark_Vendetta3742d ago

Actually RE4 on the Gamecube had 2 Discs

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fenderputty3742d ago

Yes ... yes it is. Although ... I'm so used to having internet rumors come up bunk so, I never really get my hopes up too high.

Hopefully we'll be seeing something soon.

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