Amazon Germany Lists Placeholder Price of €599.99 for Xbox One

Joel Taveras writes, "E3 kicks off in a little over 72 hours and as we get closer to the day of press conferences on Monday, more and more information about the Xbox One is starting to trickle out. Yesterday, we received clarification of the system’s official policies concerning online check-ins, trade-ins, and game sharing. Today, online retailer Amazon Germany has set a place holder price of €599.99. Wait, what?"

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booni32013d ago

Haha, I wouldn't accept an Xbox One for free. That price has to be a joke.

kneon2013d ago

It's just a place holder, it has no relation to the actual price.

ArnoldSchwarzenigra2013d ago

If Microsoft had any sense, that's the amount they'd be paying me to take one.

nirwanda2013d ago

What I think they may do is have two prices like a phone contract, but the problem for ms is there idea of the cheaper price won't be much different from the ps4 but with a subscription on top.

JohnDread2013d ago

The placeholder price has been there for like 2 weeks now. Before that it was 999€. By the way, the same goes for PS4. This is in no way giving us a hint of the pricing.

reaper242013d ago

Why would I spend money to have my privacy and consumer rights taken away?

Ace Killa 082013d ago

lol ha funny for thinking MS is the only company doing this.

reaper242013d ago

Never said that, but it was never more obvious and shameless than here.

solidworm2013d ago

I want I can throw it under a fkin bus.

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