NGamer: Mario Kart Wii Review

It's not enough to deny the game the accolades it deserves for formula tweaks and for finally kicking off Wi-Fi Wii as it should be done, but Nintendo rarely disappoint like this. For all their moves that have baffled long-term fans - namely the casual gaming shift - this is their first decision NGamer are truly uneasy with. What a shame it should arrive in an otherwise delightful package.

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PS360WII3713d ago

Looking good should be a fun game to play

ChickeyCantor3713d ago

2 disagreed =D
...idiots >_>

ItsDubC3713d ago

Maybe the disagreers finally came to the realization that a game that looks good isn't necessarily fun?

Mario Kart is rarely not fun in my opinion tho.

ChickeyCantor3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

i think they disagreed because he said " looking good", i could be wrong but i bet he meant the game as a whole.
thats why i think the disagrees were, again, blind XD

PS360WII3713d ago

Ah that could of been it Sidar... hmm well 'this is looking insanly fun' :) How's that switch?

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TwissT3713d ago

Woah Pacman is in Mario Kart Wii? I never knew he was a Nintendo character.

KeiZka3713d ago

Mario Kart Arcade GP 1&2, those he was in. Not otherwise..