Microsoft Shows Its Priorities with Xbox One

James Pungello of VGU.TV explains what he believes Microsoft's recent clarification of its used game policy really means for gamers and the system going forward.

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solidmic2020d ago

I can't believe after everything you have said, your next statement is "This won’t stop me from buying an Xbox One" !!??!! Really!!! You sound like a smart person, the way you dissected Microsoft bullshit, but turns out your just another sheep! Actually, you're the worst kind. Some people don't know when they are being fu*cked up the a**. You on the other hand, know and say "may I have some more please"! Pathetic and sad. You sir are part of the problem!!! Kudos to you and be sure to get yourself some knee pads!!!

pungello882020d ago

Ha good one. I still like Halo, I still like Gears of War, and I'm buying all the next gen consoles (for example, I have a Wii U) so I can give them a try and, you know, report on them. I'm getting a PS4 as well so cool your jets.

first1NFANTRY2020d ago

site downvoted. you're part of the problem mate. i like gears but that won't sway me into giving up my consumer rights. what happens when you finish those games?

2020d ago

I am about as big a halo fan as you will come across, but you know what, everyone has a limit.

There will always be people that will support this trash and find some way to justify it in their heads. Let them go ahead and do what they want.

If you don't believe in it though then don't stand for it and don't let the fact that others given in be a reason for you to give in as well. That just makes you weak.

I owned both old xbox and 360 but I have no plans now to get an xboxone. I cannot find any logical reason to want one.

theBAWSE2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

You know the crap but willingly support and want to be shafted...... They would love you in prison!!!

Your choice though ... I just hope sensible people spread the word about this scambox one and make a stand...

darthv722020d ago

it is beneficial to me to buy the platforms and games that come out.

i can respect a persons choice to support only 1 platform so long as they can respect my choice to support them all.

on a side note, the controversy of the xbox1 could make it such an obscurity that will be worth more in the long run due to the criticism the platform has received. Thus the games would become rare due to the more common variant being found on the more successful platform (whichever that may be).

A good example is i have several xbox games that are worth double (maybe triple) their value as compared to the more often found PS2 versions. to collectors, those are the ones they like to find.

Will the xb1 be a hot commodity on the collectors market??? that remains to be seen but if games are purchased and never played then their value could significantly increase.

ArnoldSchwarzenigra2020d ago


It's a fight against piracy? Is it? Now piracy is great for people who pirate because they can play movies in any format and on any device they own, unlike when you buy from iTunes. Pirating removes restrictions and when a company is adding huge money grabbing restrictions, it just makes piracy that much more tempting. If it was truly a fight against piracy, why are Microsoft's honest and loyal paying customers the ones that get punished?

This is nothing more than Microsoft seeing companies like Apple and Valve have success on their digital sales and wanting to climb on board by making sure all the money is going their way. They're just taking that idea a step further and dragging physical and digital together, blurring the lines between what the paying customer owns and what Microsoft is loaning you.

jmc88882020d ago

Why should they fight against piracy?

You act as if you believe the bs numbers thrown out.

The truth is, the pirates aren't going to pay squat anyways.

Oh except when they pirate a game they never would have bought anyways....liked it, and bought the sequel.

Oh and I agree the pirates also have access to the content, so they have the ability to play the game better (without drm), move it around to different devices (music/movies). Pirates even get to enjoy not needing discs to play games, watch movies, or play music. Oh an no check to see that your blu-ray is playing on an HDTV. Oh yes I just love it when my blu-ray won't play unless I start turning off and on my HDTV and all sorts of other crap I need to do just to get my movie playing. DRM fun.

The loss from piracy in reality is nothing, and in many cases actually leads to more sales.

Similar to used game selling. The people who sell those used games, then go out and buy....more new games. If they can't sell their used games, they won't be buying as many new games.

So overall you are praising a 'feature', which is actually just bend me over and pound my ***, because I believe your industry memes, which are complete dog****, and it won't sway me away from buying a 60 dollar video card inside of a $400 or so box that spies and cheats me at every turn.

Hopefully there will be no RROD, disc scratch, hard drive failing pos system...but hey it's not like we are getting reports of such troubles...oh wait...we are.

I mean seriously. This is one overpriced, underpowered, still unreliable, limiting, spying pos console. It's like herpes in a box. Good luck with that.

You can waste your money however you please, but at the same time, your wasting the money, feeds the beast to create and even more screwed up console next time.

If you think they won't, then you haven't been paying attention to history. Because all the past few decades have been about is institutions learning how to screw you MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and MOAR....and MOAR!!! Until complete and utter collapse. This console IS a part of it, but I don't think you have the info to see it and I'm not going to teach it to you.

The bubble you're in, isn't reality.

Godmars2902020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )


The thing is as a collector, you have to understand that once the Xb1 has had its official cycle, its done. Once its servers are turned off, and 24 hours later, the only thing it will be good for will be as a movie player.

Imalwaysright2020d ago

@ Darth I'm a collector too and that is why I don't want my games to become useless because I won't be able to validate my games as soon as MS shuts down their servers. I want my collection to be mine.

ABizzel12020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )


I'm not here to judge, and I'm sure you've got enough from most of the comments, but PLEASE. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.

If you buy the Xbox One, buy it used. Don't let M$ profit off of this atrocity to gaming. I'm one of the first ones to look for a deal on new games for friends and family just so they don't buy used, but I absolutely refuse to support anything M$ has done with the X1. Now by all means buy your games new still if that's your thing, just don't support this console. PLEASE.

I don't ask for much ;D

Also wanted to point out a few things.

"To be fair, Microsoft did announce some cool aspects of the system, including the ability to access any of your games via the cloud on any Xbox One"

You can do this now on PS3 and 360, the only benefit is with the PS4 and X1 you'll be able to play the game right away as it downloads in the background.

"the aforementioned ability to share games with up to 10 family members (Microsoft hasn’t explained how that will work, either), but the majority of this information seems staunchly anti-consumer."

Most rumors points that this will more than likely only be allowed to X1's sharing the same IP address which means you can share with up to 10 X1's within your home. I'm guessing there can be up to 10 accounts on the X1 and most families don't house more than 10 people. It make sense because it would defeat the purpose of the 1 time game licensing trade, if you could simply share it with 10 other random people.

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jmobley2020d ago

When you write about video games you have to have everything to cover it. So, calm down man.

FrigidDARKNESS2020d ago

Cant wait til Sony announce there DRM policy will it sop you from buying a ps4 .

GravelerMagnitude92020d ago

DRM for Sony has been denied multiple times, but those who wish it upon Sony are usually the same people willing to purchase a xbox one regardless.

xbox has drm and ps4 does not, simple

sony doesnt have shady practices on its customers, such as charging money for unnecessary things but sony tries to give us the best ( PS Plus).

Xbox, well im not going to trash talk it. all these articles have already done so. so you have a choice sir

opinska2020d ago


Gamesgbkiller2020d ago

If he wants to buy it , let him be.

Soon he will regret it .

greenpowerz2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

I think MSFT dragging the industry along kicking and screaming into the future with broadband requirements with the original xbox was worse than this. This time It's what developers and publishers want dragging MSFT into the future.

This generation will see the physical media transition to complete digital resulting in the design of xbox one.

People also attacked MSFT and made fun of MSFT for online multi player

Games will be all digital by the end of this gen.(year 2026) game discs will be like having music CDS vs digital music. Digital DRM is in place now on xb1 to keep track of piracy of physical discs using what is in place for the digital future.

BlueTemplar2020d ago

"This time It's what developers and publishers want"

Publishers and developers dont buy consoles, consumers do.

Pillsbury12020d ago

Your comments are hilarious greenpowerz. Never have I seen someone so attached to microsofts sack.

jmc88882020d ago

You see this is what is funny. People always combine loser issues with real issues and mistakenly try to compare them as equal or similar.

No multiplayer is an actual benefit to gaming. I mean it really is progression of gaming. Not that every game needs such aspects...but having a game that can be either or both is a great advancement.

The consumer wins with the introduction of multiplayer games.


What does the consumer gain with kinect checks...and all the sort of fascist stuff that you almost forget that Bill Gates is fanatical genocidal depopulationist.

The simple fact is that not every invention or 'new thing' is progression.

You can move forward in time and backwards in other aspects at the same time.

It's not about digital transition. What does online checks, kinect spying, and the rest have to do with digital distribution.

I mean I only have a few hundred steam games so I think I know something about the process, and no what M$ is doing, isn't about that.

Piracy ain't the problem. Piracy 'concerns' is just how these morons fool other morons into letting someone have the power to literally almost sodomize their grandma.

They're playing you as a mark buster. You are eating it up and wanting seconds.

Sorry, that's the truth. Online multiplayer is not comparable and digital distribution isn't the reason and piracy is a fake issue.

Now did some people beat the 360's piracy checks? Sure. But the vast majority could never do it, because the only way to play pirated 360 games was to have a mod chip and never connect the console to the internet, which then promptly removed much of the value of those 360 games.

In other words, the simple act of how the console already had things setup was a major piracy deterrent.

Didn't you know that? Didn't you know that for all the hassles and limitations around console piracy, that they already had a great setup to combat piracy. So if you go from 90 percent reduction to 92...from people who weren't going to buy your product anyways...but piss off 100 percent of people who buy your product....

Besides xbox one's 500gb is crap. If you think 500gb is enough for a full digital distribution you're crazy.

Don't forget new games are BIGGER. These games won't be as small as on the 360/ get ready for 15-50 gb games this generation as a norm. Oh but probably not on the xbox one since it doesn't have the power to run those games.

You see you're problem is that you see backwardness as progress. That all M$ is doing is bringing the unwashed masses forward into the future.

Except the future describe is nothing but chains of bondage of the past.

Never forget that there are innovations and there are retardations. You don't know the difference and sadly most of what's wrong in this world can be boiled down to people simply not noticing the difference.

Like Dodd-Frank. It isn't reform. It's codifying a cyprus bail-in to pay for banksters derivatives.

You see what's possible when everyone acts a fool. Everyone can sit around and talk about progress when in reality all they did is ensure people's deposits will pay for the next bail out, and that the worthless illegal crap that caused the whole problem is sacrosanct over all others.

Because when you aren't paying attention, people all the time will try to fool you into thinking going backwards is the future.

Morgue2020d ago

@ Greenpowderz


I'll be 56 and chilling in my virtual lazy boy replaying memories of a bygone era.

ABizzel12020d ago

Too bad you can't reduce someone's bubbles to zero.

Ugh. You are the worst of the bunch.

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NateHohl2020d ago

Wow...I've never seen someone get so angry over someone *else* saying they're going to buy a game console...

I'd much rather be a sheep than a rabid dog with his foot wedged in his mouth, which is exactly what you sound like.

Seraphemz2020d ago

I disagree... I would NEVER prefer to be a sheep.
Sad that you think that its better...

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Convas2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Hear that Pungello88? You aren't allowed to make your own informed decisions as a consumer any more. If the majority says it's bad, best get in line and conform.

If a consumer understands the implications of MS' X1 policies and still chooses to buy one, what does that have to do with you external people? It's the uninformed you should be concerned about.

Anon19742020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

I don't think it's about going against a majority when making informed purchasing decisions. The problem as I see it is with this purchase your encouraging the degradation of your consumer rights. If people take a stand and vote with their wallets the company making these decisions would have no choice but to back down and reconsider.

Even if you're informed and personally ok with the rights you're being forced to relinquish with this console, you can't deny that these are new restrictions that didn't exist before and by going along with them it only encourages companies to push the envelope further.

What's the next step Microsoft will take if they're emboldened by success here? Where are you going to draw the line? Being informed but choosing to support this is worse than remaining ignorant, because the ignorant don't know they're ignorant.

If the guy wants to buy this console, more power to him. I hope he has fun as in the end that's what it's all about. But he should do it with the knowledge that success with the XBox One will propel Microsoft to further restrict consumer rights and when it gets to the point where you say "Enough!" don't look around and wonder how you got there.

jmc88882020d ago

You're getting downvoted because most people haven't figured out that your rights are eroded away in this fashion.

As old as time, but everyone forgets the obvious.

How do I know? The 2008 crash. Simple example. Completely unavoidable. Completely known in advance. Completely debunked everything from how the bubbles blew to how to resolve it.

Yet here we are in 2013, and everyone is a fool about it. They either think it's over or still don't know how it started, without forgetting that the things that prevented it were taken away and could be re-implemented.

The simple fact is the entire global economy is setup as a scam, and people still don't understand that when the whole thing is a scam, the corporations might as well constantly scam you more.

People really don't understand that someone made the decision to use horse meat in Burger King burgers. It didn't happen by accident.

If you let people screw you over, next time they'll do it on steroids.

What part of Patriot Act did you not understand? I mean we gave the morons that to cover their butt from CIA blowback Al-Qeada (who we still fund and train btw) and then we are given Sopa/pipa...and all the other things like PRISM and Utah Data center.

a_bro2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

hold on, let me get some vaseline and anal lube for you before you agree to microsofts terms and conditions.

Blakhaze9992020d ago

"So none of this will stop you from buying an XboxOne?? You just wrote an entire article about Microsoft screwing over the gamers in many different ways. Obviously you don't mind being screwed! Good to know! You should come to Brooklyn sometime, i know a lot of people who would love to do business with you.

Its because of people like you why they do not even think twice before totally screwing over the gamers. And thanks for showing how stupid we are as consumers If PS4 does the same thing then many hardcore gamers will have no choice but to support one or the other if not both as many people wont just give up gaming all together nor will they switch to the WiiU. I personally wont buy either console. But if PS4 has more gamer friendly polices and your still on the Microsoft bandwagon then I feel sorry for you. Because they could put a dildo in a box and slap Microsoft on it and you'd still buy it... and probably enjoy it. SMH

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