Microsoft over the top or just in penalties

With the recent ousting of gamers that have violated the terms of agreement on Xbox LIVE there has been a bit of discussion if Microsoft went too far by publicly making gamers feel stupid or they were justified in their actions.

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drunkpandas3624d ago

I'm pretty much indifferent to the situation. If you feel the need to cheat to boost an arbitrary number that won't gain you anything, go right ahead. Doesn't hurt me or anyone else, really.

gamesR4fun3624d ago

ya couldnt care less about gamerscores but the guys who cheat at online games should b shot. I mean guys running aimbots in cod4 and the likes just kill the game for the rest of us.

taz80803624d ago

Aimbot ruined counterstrike and it is a shame that it is popping its head up in COD 4 as well.

In the words of a famous south park character... "cheating is bad mmmmmmmmmkay."

StarieMichie3624d ago

Agreed. Bots ruin a fun game.

It's really sad that people need to cheat to feel better about themselves.

taz80803624d ago

I think its psychological really. People that suck in real life need to feel good aobut themselves in a virtual world. So people that are weak and losers in real life act tough and spread hate online becasue they are anonimous and can't be found.

Same goes for cheaters, people that cheat wouldnt be able to finish a level in a normal game so they use exploits to make themselves look like gods. Sad really.

ChrisGTR13624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

ladies and gentlemen.. thats why consoles = FTW. no cheating, no aimbots, no mods, and most importantly , no loosers that are still playing online with 56k.

sonarus3624d ago

lol aimbots on the console version?

SECRETzSQUIRREL3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

I Gave up 360 gaming well over a year ago after both systems BRICKED (3-red lights). Went back to PC gamming, We have PunkBuster which has to be running inorder to play online, It automaticly BANS the user for life when ANY cheating/exploit is found and it does work very well.
Not only does it have instant ban upon cheating, the games on PC are much better looking Graphicly,in most cases have 2x the features and options, has much larger maps, 64 player online matches, FREE Maps, Mods and FREE ONLINE play, NO Monthly/Yearly Charges like Live, includes FREE Freinds list, FREE Voice etc. Plus they cost $10 or more LESS then console games.
I remember on live all the cheating and glicthing going on, listen to 12 year olds potty mouth and nothing you could do but file a bad review lol, in 0.2% of the cases after the LIVE player would cheat for months they MIGHT be banned for a week. lmao Live is a expensive Joke, im glad i left.

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taz80803624d ago

I tip my hat to MS and their level of spite. You want to cheat, then we will make you look like @sses in front of your peers.

fiercescuba3624d ago

if you can't win, cheat. if you can't cheat, pick a fight.

taz80803624d ago

I like how they decided that any gamerscore that someone got via cheating can never be attained again. That I think is genius, so even if you wanted to legitametly replay you are [email protected]#ed.


Gammer score is a useless joke that most could care less about, lol the fact is that its only a number that shows how much free time you have. Big punishment there.. lmfao

niall773624d ago

now if onl;y they could think of a way to punish the stupid racist, homophobic loud mouths then XBL would be worth the money even more.

taz80803624d ago

Amen to that thought! I am more annoyed by the utterly inane and racist things I hear over XBL, if that could be fixed aside from just muting, that would be great!

drunkpandas3624d ago

Yeah maybe they should put more energy into that than resetting an arbitrary number that doesn't get you anywhere

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