Exclusive: ASUS EAH3850 Trinity - three GPUs with one card

Nordic Hardware wrote: "We knew that CrossFireX would bring new multi-GPU setups, but we did not expect anyone to actually use more than two cores with a single card. ASUS proved us wrong, as EAH3850 Trinity is a tri-core card. It has three RV670 cores cooled by a heatpipe construction and a water block, all in a single card. The card is still just a concept and it hasn't been decided when or if it will be released, however we do know that it works. When benchmarks with the card will surface remains to be seen, but keep an eye open the upcoming weeks.

As you can see, ASUS has chosen to use a kind of modular design where the two cores are located on the back and one on the front, each on their own daughter card. The cores are directly cooled by heatsinks and heatpipes that transfers the heat away from the cores to the heatsink located in the rear of the card, which in turn is cooled by a water block.

Four DVI ports which can be used with up to four monitors, when CrossFire is deactivated."

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