X-Blades official website launched

SouthPeak Games today announced that the official website for X-Blades is now live. As a hack-and-slash masterpiece with a captivating Anime style, X-Blades will provide breathtaking combat scenes and truly fantastic worlds. Its official website will serve as an ideal source for information on both the game's features and its final stages of development. X-Blades stars Ayumi, a dynamic young relic hunter in search of a mysterious artifact. Relying solely on her fighting skill, pistol blades and mystical abilities, Ayumi must battle against armies of creatures and other fortune-seekers determined to stop her from escaping with the relic alive.

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[email protected]3677d ago

Never heard of this game before... I like the concept.

hunter213677d ago

is this game will also go to ps3? cause i just saw the xbox logo and other companies logo at the bottom ot the

[email protected]3677d ago

Yeah, it's a multiplatform game... for PC/PS3/Xbox360. It's state on the game site.