Xbox One: It's For Publishers, Not For You

NowGamer: If one thing was made transparently clear with the latest round of Xbox One announcements, it's that Microsoft is no longer worried about pleasing you.

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Narutone661989d ago

Sell it to the publisher then. See if it'll get anywhere.

Majin-vegeta1989d ago

Hahhaha was about to say the same thing.

theBAWSE1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Such a good article kudos now gamer.

You don't own your games you licence them.. FACT

What happens if you miss a 24hour login period ?

You can lend games...... BUT Game lending will NOT be available at launch..... WTF lol.... and you get certain*clowns* defending this crap

JAM_brz1989d ago

If they don't need us, we don't need they too.

The_Con-Sept1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Makes me wonder if XBOne will even see the light of day. I think all of the eBay'ers are gonna go bust on this console's launch. My PS4 pre order is half completed.

Fairchild Channel F1989d ago

Your right about one thing Microsoft: It's not for me!

Raccoon1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Fact: XBOXone owners don't own the games they buy, only the license to play them.

XBOXone owner:
Buy xbox one > insert 2 AA batteries into controller > Buy 50gb bluray license disc > pay online access fee > watch tv > access cloud > DOG > play game

PS4 owner:
Buy PS4 > buy game > play game

WiiU owner:
Waiting for Zelda game...

theBAWSE1989d ago

Now you know why there are no post e3 conferences from Microsoft... They have no idea how to be HONEST

their revelations yesterday opened up more questions due to the shady cloudy nature of their 'clarification' yesterday

OlgerO1989d ago

Still when you have the publishers sold, then they in return award you with great games ( which might not come to the PS4 then ) Thats why im almost certain that the PS4 will have some measures against used games as well. I do think that they will be slightly better for us then xbox ones though.

RiPPn1989d ago

@OlgerO If everyone buys a PS4 the devs have no choice but to come. They might be able to give the Xbone exclusivity in the beginning, and it may get some people to buy it, but if the PS4 installed base outnumbers that of the Xbone they won't continue to do that.

Garbanjo0011989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I think it's really sad that this is labeled a game console, go buy the "Nazi Box One" and pay a fortune. Hail Hitler! It's silly that a gaming console has gone to the extreme that they have to ensure that producers and publishers are getting their money. I agree that Gamestop and Gamefly need to give them a percentage cut per game sold or traded, rented or whatever. But doing it in digital format, making me ownership of a license is an entirely different feeling, it means that I am not connected to the game anymore.

When I was a kid and buying a new PS game I opened it up from the plastic, peeled the sticker off the side and then popped open the game (much like I do today) and with a sort of smile that new game smell wafts out for the first time when you open it and see "Final Fantasy" on the disk for the first time. There is something pleasant in that factory smell, that makes a gamer melt. Is it just me or am I going to miss that? I'm down for the DRM movement if it doesn't mean that I have to lose my connectivity with the actual disk. If I buy a digital title I want a physical one coming to my house in the mail. I like the library. It's comforting to see it sitting next to my television, the stack of games lining up beside it. But I don't want that stack to be obsolete when I can't trade the game, lend the game or whatever because XBox has rights now... Bummer.

I like the DRM because it's actually (simplistically) better for the environment. Kudos world for evolving! But somewhere along the way we took a look back and said "DRM, not the way we've always done it," and people are sacrificing a lot for this movement, when all XBox had to do was work out rights with the 2nd hand marketplace.

In short, it's not the end of the world, but I hope that people vote with their wallets like the article says and shows XBox just who exactly they decided to screw with. And don't get me started on the internet connecting once daily to play it. I don't even have XBox Live now because I don't want to pay for something just to play videogames. There are millions without internet that are going to buy the PS4 instead, because (so far as I know) it isn't a requirement.

DragonKnight1989d ago

Of course Xbox One is for gamers.

15 EKSKLUSIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We LOVE needing a never down internet connection in order to play games. But hey, if our internet goes down, at least TV and Movies don't have restrictions placed on them right? FANTASY FOOTBALL!

And who doesn't love having to register 10 friends/family members who've known you for more than 30 days to play your games. It's even great that you can trade your game to one friend one time and that if they want to trade it, they'll have to pay. GAMERS HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR THAT FOR YEARS!

Kinect always on? Yes sir. Gamers love the idea that Kinect is never fully off, only paused or in a low power state. Privacy? What the hell is that? Must be some hippy garbage.

And how great is it that publishers get to tell us who we can sell our games to and for how much they can be resold? I don't know about you, but I've always wished to be stripped of my ability to have a good ol' fashion yard sale to sell my games at.

Screw outdated concepts like first sale doctrine and consumer rights. CONVENIENCE FOREVER!

*There are people who actually sound like that, who believe in the anti-consumer B.S. that Microsoft are pulling. They hide behind the "it's the future of the industry" line. NO, it's NOT the future of the industry unless we LET it be. Stand up for your rights and yell out #ScrewYouMicrosoft.*

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GamersRulz1989d ago

Sony said that its up to the publishers to use DRM in PS4. if so then how would the publishers enforce DRM in this case?

also I heard that you can install PS4 games to the HDD, how would Sony prevent abusing this feature?

Bhuahahaha1989d ago

just like some games on ps3 that gives you the option to install games on hdd (better load times)

you still need the disk on tray for security purposes

kneon1989d ago

Most likely you will need to insert the disk to prove you still have the game, just as many PC games have done since forever.

If a developer wants to enforce DRM it's very simple, they could just include a one time use activation code just as they do now for online passes. But such games had better make it very clear on the packaging that this game requires internet access in order to activate the game.

Wintersun6161989d ago

"Most likely you will need to insert the disk to prove you still have the game, just as many PC games have done since forever."

Maybe not. If the fee to play a used game would be full price, then such check wouldn't be necessary. MS would still get their $.

kneon1989d ago


We're talking about the PS4. For the XB1 no disk is required since every game install is locked down with DRM and checks with the mothership every 24 hours.

Wintersun6161989d ago


Oops, indeed you were. My mistake. Should've started reading from GamersRulz' comment.

Garbanjo0011989d ago

If it's anything like XBox it'll be coded, like mentioned above.... like computer games. That's why I don't really like the DRM movement, I have really mixed feelings on it. I like it because digital format is awesome, I can play it anywhere anytime. I don't like it because of all the licensing restrictions that keep me from swapping or lending the game. I don't like having ownership of a license, I have ownership of the game itself. What's the point in collecting video games (as I do) if I can't collect these games?

In twenty years we will look back at this point and go "man we really came a long way since then, remember how barbaric we all were? Glad that they decided to drop the disks in general and make everything digital... now I send a game via email, and swap out between friends at the price of five bucks. Ah times have changed. And my NES and SNES games cost a fortune now! Glad I started collecting when I did! My heirs are going to inherit a fortune one day!"

Karpetburnz1989d ago

Microsoft is doing no good for the industry, please people, do the right thing and buy a PS4.

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DOOMZ1989d ago

I love these Fanboy opinions, lol!

dc11989d ago

What about the consumer opinions?
Please drop "fanboy" from your vocabulary and engage in a conversation.

Tiqila1989d ago

and I love ms sheeple and viral marketers trolling

Karpetburnz1989d ago

That's easy for someone to say when they haven't experienced world class gaming from Sony, don't worry, I'm sure you will find a nice place for Sony in you heart.

Thank you Sony for giving us what we gamers deserve, our freedom. God bless you Sony.

Typical-Guy1989d ago

Okay they can have it. I'll get a PS4 and upgrade my PC, if I'm getting a system with DRM and whatnot, I'd prefer a way more powerful system than Xbox One.

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