The magic of next-gen

Climax senior technical designer Claire Blackshaw looks at how developers can take advantage of the PS4's unique web and social features

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Septic2017d ago

"Passive recording means we don’t have to think about it. The serendipity of pulling off the impossible and having it on film is magic."

By far the best feature on the PS4 for me. I spent loads on a HD PVR and I just find it a complete hassle using it; the poor software, switching between PC and console....stopping recording etc. Its just a pain.

Passive recording is a godsend for people like me that like to share videos with mates. There have been so many countless moments where crazy things have happened that I've wanted to share but can't. Now, we're going to have so many funny/amazing/unique clips and stories from players.

My only concern is that the feature won't record other players' voices but even that might be overcome relatively easily.

ZodTheRipper2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Everyone must have had those moments while gaming that you just wanted to record and show a friend afterwards but couldn't at that moment (unless playing Just Cause or Sports/Racing games) so I'm also really looking forward to this feature.

Very good read btw.

One4U2017d ago

yea thats true ! im not gonna be using the share button alot but those rare moments are great ! i reckon ppl will use it on glitches alot ! nightmare for devs lol

abzdine2017d ago

Sony did a monstrous job with their new console. I am more than ever decided to buy it

amiga-man2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

While playing Warhawk, Holding the middle ground in a tank in a game we were dominating I got bored and took a pot shot at a Warhawk dogfighting far far away in the distance, I actually took him out lol,

Oh how I wished I could have shared that moment.

guitarded772017d ago

I agree x 1,000. The share feature is my most anticipated feature for the PS4. I have the ability to record on my current rig, but there is latency, so I have to use two monitors. This will also bring many more gameplay vids and reviews to YouTube. I see it as a good thing.

SolidStoner2017d ago

Am I brainwashed or almost every time I hear something about PS4, its a good news.. but not just good news "Passive recording" is just an epic feature!!!
All that stuff I want it now.. I dont want to wait and die.. I want to use them as long as possible :D lol

3-4-52017d ago

This is perfect for GTA 5. Those crazy 5 min chases were 20 "omg how did that happen " crazy things happen and you have nobody else around to witness it or no way to record it.

^ This is all I kept thinking about.

Also anything hidden in a game is about to be revealed extremely quick online, so spoilers might become a bigger factor but not by much.

This feature if brilliant really.

SecondSon2017d ago

Wasn't this one of the reasons why Halo 3 got so much attention back in the early years with all those MLG most awesome moments Youtube videos?

Those clips were free advertising!

Sono4212017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Now some people may call this stupid.. but I think it would be AWESOME if Sony made some app for the PS4 like PsTV where everybody with a PS4 can easily just upload epic or funny gaming moments it could be like youtube but just for gaming. Have whats trending right now section, or a newly uploaded section.. just so many things they could do with that. It would be like a Youtube by gamers for gamers. AMAZING. Also you know how you can livestream with your face in the top right corner of your screen? What if you could record your gameplay like that? It would make live commentaries SO easy!

Seriously just so many possibilities! #Excited

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Blackdeath_6632017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

they have still yet to say if you can save that recorded file onto your hardrive and copy it onto a usb to edit on a pc. if you could do that you can easily edit all the players voices in if they were recorded separately. i hope they let you do that it would be fun for me to try out video editing software on pc using the footage recorded using the ps4 see how it turns out. would be impressive if they had an app on the ps4 that had simple editing capabilities.

true dat if you can upload it onto youtube you can easily pull the file from there. also about youtube in the sony conference notice how at no point what so ever did the name or even the youtube logo show up i wonder if there will be issues regarding copy right and if publishers are able to control what you can or can't upload. it would be smart if there was a psn social media like site integrated onto ps4 where you can upload videos onto your psn and people can view them from there rather than off youtube or facebook which looks likely to be the case

ZodTheRipper2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

You can definately save it on your hard drive but they didn't say whether you can copy it on a USB yet. But since you can even post it on Youtube or Facebook copying it on a USB shouldn't be a problem at all since this is already possible on PS3.

shadow27972017d ago

The PS3 has a video editor on it, I believe (though I haven't tried it). The Xbox One will also come with one.

It would be strange if Sony didn't include one on the PS4. I also imagine they'll let you export a video file that you can take into an NLE on PC. Sony's philosophy seems to be pretty open.

SecondSon2017d ago

Also for those that don't know if open up the "My Videos" page on YouTube there is an option called Download in MP4 under every video ;)

Karpetburnz2017d ago

Totally know what you mean, I don't have a PVR at all but I have always wanted to record my battlefield 3 footage when I get some insane moments, now I will finally be able to record, upload and share videos for the first time.

Alexious2017d ago

Yes, it's potentially a great feature indeed.

Fat-Milkers2017d ago ShowReplies(2)
kingPoS2017d ago

So it's like Tekken 6 where you could take screen jpeg captures (shame TTT2 din't have it) but turbocharged. I like this.

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