E3′s coming. Where to watch e3 conferences and live streams?

Schedule of E3 conferences and a list of all live streams.

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minimur122017d ago

im thinking of moving my computer into my living room and connecting it up to thebig screeen :D

Insomnia_842016d ago

I've had my computer hooked up to my tv for years now and stopped paying for cable about two or three years ago.

OrangePowerz2017d ago

Interesting detail.

Spike TV shows only the MS and it`s new best buddy EA conference. During the UbiSoft (supporter of Wii U and also PS) and Sony conference they show trwice in a row Dodgeball.

Godchild10202017d ago

While it does suck, I think it was mention that Sony and Ubisoft couldn't confirm how long their conference are going to be. So, they could fit it into a fix schedule or something.

I don't believe it, but hey I will have Gametrailers and the Sony official website to watch it.