Edge Preview: GTA V - we take a spin, a skydive and a swim in the sprawling Blaine County

Rockstar hasn’t put out a full Grand Theft Auto game in five years, but as we lay eyes on the fifth in the series, it’s clear that the company has never really stopped thinking about how to follow GTA IV. Last year’s Max Payne 3, as pure a thirdperson shooter as they come, has had an obvious impact on the evolution of Grand Theft Auto’s gunplay. From Western epic Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar learned how to make sparse rural areas as interesting to explore as they are to behold, a skill that will be vital in crafting the biggest world the company has ever attempted and one that’s apparent in the opening moments.

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RavageX1990d ago

Doing my best not to get hyped up. That just leads to disappointment no matter how great a game is. I actively avoid articles, but will sneak a peek at an image or two.

GamerToons1990d ago

Get Hyped!

This is the going to be the GotY hands down.

3-4-51990d ago

Yea if I know a game is great, I'll try to avoid any spoilers or 100% information.

The surprise about what will happen is half the fun.

Dee_911990d ago

First time I heard about regenerating health.

GamerToons1990d ago

First time I heard about it was over a month ago.

Cant wait for the game.