'Good' Pirates Help Companies Sell More Products

If you are downloading stuff you wouldn't have bought in the first place, according to economist Karen Croxson, you are probably doing the company that created the product a big favor. You, Mr 'Good' Pirate, are telling your friends, adding to the media 'buzz' and driving up sales.

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crazy250003677d ago

After buying soo many terrible software and products from TV, I started pirating. However, after testing the product, if I liked it and it did what its suppose to, I buy the actual product and definitely recommend it to others.

Pirating actually helps me make buying decisions. Maybe not everyone does this, but its helpful.

TriggerHappy3677d ago

Well thats good to hear. But am sure most people do the opposite though.

decapitator3677d ago

Now this is really weird. This is confusing. Piracy helps but at the same time hurts. Which direction has a much bigger impact ?

meepmoopmeep3677d ago

i think all games should come out with demos. i know i bought games i wouldn't have because of playing the demo and i've stayed away from games for the same reason.

i like to support the developers and they deserve it if they bring out a great product.

decapitator3677d ago

Agree with this notion 100% but seems the bid dawgs all disagree though.

ChrisGTR13677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

lol this is about the stupidest thing ever. look no further than the pc... it used to be booming with new and amazing games back 10 years ago.. now all games are downloaded illegally off bitturents crysis was a flop. the only real moneymakers off of it was nvidia and ati.

Kakkoii3676d ago

You can't blame Crysis sales on piracy alone.

It was a high specification demanding game. Not everyone owns a PC that can run Crysis.

Tons of people only have PC's that can play games like Battlefield 1942 on low settings lol.

Yi-Long3676d ago

... cause TBH, the PC just isnt very interesting at the moment as a gaming machine, for many MANY people.
We're now in the period right after the Vista switch, games are wayyy too demanding, and most gamers would rather just buy a console instead, which has mostly the same games.

I have a new PC, but I'm just not very interested in downloading PC games, apart from a very select few...

You can also download every movie you want, yet DVD sales are still booming.

Piracy isnt the reason PC gaming is hurting. A lack of interesting software and the high hardware demands and the great alternatives are the reasons for why PC gaming is hurting.

IdleLeeSiuLung3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

I think the developers themselves were to busy topping each other off on the greatest looking game they forgot the majority of PC owners do not own a $3,000-10,000 computer rig. To top it off, nvidia/ati is constantly trying to top each other off with the most expensive and fastest graphics card possible. In the meanwhile, Intel is reducing cost and shipping integrated graphics to the masses.

When PC games were blooming as an industry, I rarely had issues running a game and experiencing it the way it was intended. Now, I can't even buy a simple RTS like C&C3 and play it at a decent framerate and resolution on the my mediocre computer rig I bought last year. I'm not about to pay $200-400 for a graphics card annually to play PC games.

Why then would I bother with PC gaming? Just buy a console sit back, relax in my living room on the couch and enjoy the games!

Yi-Long3676d ago

...some games, music, anime etc arent worth BUYING, but are worth downloading, and once you check it out, maybe like it more than you thought you would, you usually end up buying it anyway.

Anime is a nice example of this, with many MANY people downloading anime fansubs, and once it's available for a good price and in good quality on DVD, people will buy it. An anime like Death Note or Mushishi I wouldnt have bought without trying, but now that I've seen it I will most definately buy it once it is available for a nice price.

Same thing goes for games. Flight Simulator X is a nice example of a game I 'tried', and now I will buy it legally.
Pro Evo 2008 I 'tried' as well, but that game I will NOT buy. Not worth full-price.

So a good product will always still sell well, and with more and more people just 'trying it out' first, it will just mean more sales in the end, and that's what has been going on for many MANY years now.

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