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EVE Players Buy a PS3 to Play Dust 514, Says Its Developer

According to Dust 514′s developer, CCP, 'We know that our fan base, Dust-curious players, are buying the PlayStation 3 to get into our game.' (Dev, DUST 514, PS3)

GDDR6_2014  +   689d ago
Prove it
DigitalAnalog  +   688d ago
Through e-mail verification perhaps? You can use the same e-mail to register both EVE and dust you know?
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dvewlsh  +   689d ago
I sincerely doubt this.
FlameHawk  +   689d ago
Na, MMO players on PC are really intense gamers, they take the **** seriously. So if they get a chance to improve their account or whatever, they will.
despair  +   689d ago
Trust me as much as normal MMO gamers might seem intense, Eve online gamers take it to another level. I mean they treat the game as a real world and you can actually make real world money off it, so it gets pretty insane. I wouldn't doubt this.
dvewlsh  +   688d ago
Sure, I just think that they'd find MMOs on the PC to play most of the time. I think if they are hardcore EVE Online players, sure.
Iceman X  +   689d ago
It's a good game and it's from a dev that always supports their game to the best level.
turgore  +   689d ago
Its a terrible game. Also pay to win.
2pacalypsenow  +   689d ago
thats how F2P works
N311V  +   686d ago
I thought the same thing until I actually played the game. It is definitely not play to win. Top level equipment is top level equipment wether is aquired with real or in-game currency, apart from say the name of a gun the stats are identical.
Lovable  +   689d ago
It's a free game, but my 80 gb PS3(which is a beast)can't handle the download since no space left lol...too afraid to change hardrive tbh hahaha
Giru017  +   689d ago
Go for it... I put a tasty 500GB HDD in my Backwards Compatible 80GB PS3 and it was the best choice I made 3 years ago.
Emilio_Estevez  +   689d ago
It is pretty easy...You'll need an extra external drive to back it up if you don't wanna re-download everything.
Felonycarclub8  +   689d ago
I have the launch ps3 and the 60gb after like two years it was full, I changed it with a 500gb hdd and it is still running I had doubts at the beginning thinking it was going to mess up, but I never had a problem with any of my launch playstations they are still running perfect I do keep them clean, and usually after I turn them off I wait like ten minutes and then cover them with a shirt. But definitively do it I just started playing dust 514 and am getting the hang of things and can't complain is free
Qrphe  +   689d ago
I don't doubt the claim but I do doubt these amount of players is significant. Even 2 players would be enough to validate what they say.
ShadowL9  +   689d ago
One of my friends did this actually. He got a PS3 just for Dust, he is a big EVE player. Been trying to get him to play some other games since I don't enjoy Dust but he keeps playing it...
MikeyDucati1  +   689d ago
Dust 514 is a gem. I believe him for my buddy did that recently. I've been on him about Dust so he took my character for a spin. It was brutal at first but he kept at it. Before you know it, he was hooked. It didn't take too long before he decided to get a PS3 just because of Dust.

You don't hear about plenty folks playing EVE or that it's been in existence, I think, about a decade. Lo and behold, EVE has a very large community that fully supports CCP. There's no doubt that will also happen with Dust.
Felonycarclub8  +   689d ago
I wonder if they will be making dust 514 for the ps4, am getting used to it, I been playing it for like two weeks and an hooked, little by little I learn more things, it's a good game
Temporary  +   689d ago
AGREE 100%
Narutone66  +   689d ago
Hahaha.. Eve and Dust514 are like crack, once you got into it, you just can't stop. You got your friend addicted to it. You should have seen the anniversary of Eve online, it was magnificent.
N311V  +   686d ago
You're so right! I am addicted to Dust 514. I don't even like FPS games, or I didn't before this one. It's the character progression that hooked me. I now spend days to weeks planning how to invest my skill points, weigh up the pros and cons of all the possible choices. In terms of gameplay, from what I've heard ignorance is bliss, it seems fine to me.
darkhitman  +   689d ago
i wounder if they are tracking this by number of accounts that play dust as there 1st game or something like that if they are there numbers will be far off as some of these will be player wanting a 2nd account to gain passive sp and others are spy accounts. having said they i have seen some people that bought their console for dust 514 (love the game everyone should give it a good try)
SIRHC13  +   689d ago
Bull. What about the culmination of PS3 games after seven years? Plus? The Last of Us?
yewles1  +   689d ago
Dust first, everything else in time. Baby steps...
MikeyDucati1  +   689d ago
lol The Last of Us. I think gamers don't know any other dev or game besides ND and TLOU. Relax, don't take this article to heart. You will live longer.
sourav93  +   689d ago
Did play Dust 514. During the private beta and after the public release. Didn't particularly like the gameplay of it; wasn't my kind of FPS. But I'm glad there are plenty others who enjoy it. CCP is a great developer. They deserve this support.

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