Next-Gen E3: Let's ride the hype train

MWEB Gamezone: E3 2013's coming next weekend so here's a round-up of what you can expect. A bunch of companies have pulled out, so it'll be largely empty and boring. The next-gen booth babes will be slightly more clothed. Sony and Microsoft will be providing the much-admonished blood and gore as they battle it out in the next-gen arena. Sports games, sports games, sports games, and all the next-gen buzz words. Did I mention next-gen?

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HanCilliers2017d ago

LMAO all those pics! IMO the console war is really failing to impress. What I wanna see is yes, yes, yes...all the games. Great read

WelshPixie2017d ago

Hardest part of writing the article: finding all those pics. :p

plut0nash2017d ago

I guess i'm the only one who doesn't really feel bothered about The Fall. While I'd love to see sequels to Human Revolution, having a proper deus ex game on mobile isn't a bad thing either.

WelshPixie2017d ago

I'm not really begrudging them putting DE on mobile - but I hate 'exclusives'. It's favouriting one consumer over another. I'm not a huge die-hard fan of DE, but if I were, and I didn't have an iOS device, I'd be pretty pissed about now.

Oh - just seen that apparently there'll be an Android version too, which makes it a bit better, especially since once can install Android on a PC as a desktop OS >:D But yeah, still don't like exclusives.

DesVader2017d ago

ALL ABOARD!! hehe, nice article, Del.