UPDATE: Microsoft Sweetens Bid To Buy Yahoo Upgraded

SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones) -- Shares of Yahoo Inc. rose 2% Tuesday morning after a Citigroup analyst upgraded the company's stock to a buy and predicted that Microsoft Corp. will raise its bid to $34 a share.

Analyst Mark Mahaney said that, despite the uncertainty surrounding the proposed merger, he thinks Microsoft (MSFT) is determined to pursue the deal, even at a higher price.

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TriggerHappy3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

It will happen. kinda sucks though. I may not be a fun of yahoo search but I love flickr and some of the other things they provide. This takeover will surely harm the industry. Anyone see the connection between Microsoft bid for yahoo and EA's takeover of T2 ?

decapitator3621d ago

Agreed. I see what you mean with the Microsoft/Yahoo and EA/T2 and I gotta admit that EA has strong ties with Microsoft this generation than Sony and the generations before but I don't think they are really related. I could be wrong though.

RealityCheck3621d ago

I don't think they are related directly, more indirectly related as kindred spirits. MS and EA are both stale giants that need hostile takeovers to keep growing and reduce competition.

I agree that overall it will end up not benefiting us the users\customers.

RealityCheck3621d ago

Will Yahoo be able to resist the dark side?

wow4u3621d ago

Take it to the open zone.

Kyur4ThePain3621d ago

N4, you're kidding, right?

RealityCheck3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

@2.1 It is a hostile takeover. That's why I used Empire\Rebellion Star Wars metaphore.

It is a valid to question whether or not the board of director will cave in to the pressure.

To continue the metaphore a hostile takeover is: "You will bow down and surrender to us or we will use the force of public shareholders to crush you and remove you forcefully from the board of directors and rip this company away from you."

Odion3621d ago

I think he's talking more about you know the fact that you called MS the dark side

Kyur4ThePain3621d ago

I could have sworn he referred to the allure of money as the Dark Side.

I guess only he knows what he meant, right, so let's not presume.

People are just too paranoid.

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zane5473621d ago

Why cant MS just compete with EA for Take2, would benefit the Xbox 360 system more than Yahoo would benefit Microsoft's business.

Pain3621d ago

Yahoo buy out = bad for internet.

cloud 2793621d ago

msoft just wants to compete with google, and to do that they r trying to buy out yahoo, who is their direct competitor. buying yahoo would let msoft be in competition with google, whose revenue is much bigger than M$. also google will not let msoft buy yahoo out, as google like previous would come to yahoo's aid. only reason msoft has the bigger hand is due to the case pending against yahoo in China.