The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Won’t Include “FedEx Quests”

New details, alongside some stunning screenshots from Geralt’s last adventure have been revealed. Among others, Wild Hunt will feature 30 FPS on consoles, Witcher’s Sense (comparable to Batman’s Detective mode), and a deeper consequence system.

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MorfiTM2015d ago

And that's the reason why Polish developers are considered the cream of the crop in the industry.

dedicatedtogamers2015d ago

Yep. Currently replaying (and loving) Witcher 2 on PC.

What really intrigues me is how the game will not have FedEx quests HOWEVER this is also going to be an open-world game. FedEx quests have been fillers for sandbox games since...forever. Will Witcher 3 finally break the mold? Stay tuned to see what happens next on Super Non-Bioware Non-Bethesda RPG Madness(tm)!

fossilfern2015d ago

You mean Bioware watering down the Mass Effect series to its bare minimum to appeal to the masses while making a game a shadow of what they promised and a shadow of ME1 is not good?!!!!!!!


OcelotRigz2015d ago

These guys seem too good to be true, i bet they strangle puppies in their spare time.
Because they just seem to "get it", no bullshit, no superlatives etc... They know what gamers want and what they dont want in a game, or at least they genuinely listen and try to implement that information into their games.
They dont try to ram dlc down your throat, don't add a generic multiplayer and say its unique, just honest to goodness gaming.

Gotta love them.

despair2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

strangle puppies? Bleak man..

They are pretty good and while I loved Witcher 2 a lot, probably one of the best games I ever played, it still had a lot of problems with story and quests. I hope they learn like they did from Witcher 1-2 and make the third part the greatest sandbox game since Morrowind.

OcelotRigz2015d ago

Indeed and they will be the first guys to admit the problems with their games.
I loved both games, which were actually very distinct from one another really, gameplay and graphic wise. A lot of people didn't play or didn't like the first one. I'll admit when i played the first, which i did before Witcher 2, i thought it was clunky and downright weird and almost gave up but the game grew on me and soon i didn't feel that way at all and loved the game.
Its really a game that you have to give a chance because first impressions arent the best with that one.
This series and Demon/Dark Souls actually turned me off Skyrim, a game i loved but cannot for the love of jabudah get back into now.

ANYWAY....i really cant wait for this, think it could be something special and surprise a lot of people.

Pintheshadows2015d ago

God, it looks unbelievably beautiful for a gigantic open world game. It is just draw dropping (I tried to make a draw distance jaw dropping joke, you try coming up with something better). I adore CD Projekt. They are a top top developer and this along with Thief and Infamous Second Son are my most wanted.