BitTorrent Sites Show Explosive Growth

BitTorrent's popularity is growing every day. Despite efforts from anti-piracy outfits such as the MPAA and IFPI, torrent sites continue to grow traffic wise, and there is no sign that this trend will be brought to a halt anytime soon.

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PS360WII3681d ago

Well shows that DD is in the here and now. It's just not legal yet ^^

Dark_Overlord3680d ago

are all A**holes, if you think they couldn't get any worse in what they do, think again. They could potentially destroy all open source software

please forget the fact of what the software is and its uses.

Just look at the fact that they are applying for a TRADEMARK for OPEN SOURCE software, if they succeed at this what is stopping say for example Microsoft applying for a trademark on all the linux variations?

Dragonopolis3680d ago

Stage6 is down how else is divx users going to get their fix