1UP: Bangai-O Spirits Preview

The game's DS sequel is a game very much in keeping with the original, although it's not precisely the same experience. The levels are smaller now, as are the screen dimensions, which isn't to say that there are any fewer munitions being tossed around at any given moment; on the contrary, Bangai-O Spirits manages to fill the screen with far more objects than you'd think the DS should be able to handle, and while the action may slow down during the most intense moments it's nevertheless a sight to behold.

Enemy mechs of varying sizes, upwards of a hundred bullets and missiles streaking about, small but effective pyrotechnics exploding, all of it trailed by thin streaks of light. It's all tiny in scale but massive in scope, proving Treasure can wring as much potential out of the DS as they can any other piece of hardware.

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