Microsoft insists Xbox One Kinect doesn't record your conversations as privacy concerns build

You can "pause" Kinect while playing games.

By Wesley Yin-Poole

Microsoft has addressed increasing privacy concerns around Xbox One and Kinect.

Microsoft's new console requires Kinect be connected to it to work, but, according to Microsoft, you can "pause" the motion sensor.

"At Microsoft, we prioritize your privacy," the company wrote in a new update to "We understand that your personal data and privacy are important."

Microsoft said it will navigate you through Xbox One's privacy options, such as automatic or manual sign in, privacy settings and notifications about how your data is used. "When Xbox One is on and you're simply having a conversation in your living room, your conversation is not being recorded or uploaded," Microsoft insisted.

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Crazyglues2019d ago

"Microsoft insists Xbox One Kinect doesn't record your conversations.."

What they mean is, "NOT YET" -but it will after the patch... LoL

-Oh Microsoft I'm starting to see the evil in your empire-

ZodTheRipper2019d ago

It doesn't need to record or upload it.
The fact that it's almost always online and it's ABLE to record your voice + room is creepy enough. Last time I checked electronic devices aren't fully hack-proof.

Boody-Bandit2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

All I have to say is google NSA, FBI and PRISM

Microsoft, Apple, and everyone else linked to this are denying that (spying on us for the government) as well.

lomion52019d ago

If you must buy the Xbox One, I have proposed solutions:

- Use your new Xbox in a sound proof room dedicated for the sole purpose of using your new Xbox

- Cover the ENTIRE thing in duct tape to ensure that the camera and the mic do not function properly

- Turn off your internet so it can't uplo - oh wait...

- Trust Microsoft

Kakkoii2017d ago

@zod18: Sorry to burst your bubble, but this isn't like any regular electronic device. Anybody can get their hands on an iPhone or Android devkit and in the case of Android, source code. The Xbox One is a completely closed system, only a game developer can get some mid level access to the console's operation, and even then it's nothing that can allow them to take control over the console without user permission built into the OS.

These kinds of features are the future, and you are all acting like little babies as if there is a way to do it any better. The Xbox is not always on, it connects ONCE every 24 hours. And Microsoft does not give a damn about recording what random people are randomly saying, nor do they have the resources to sift through all that. It's so silly to think they would have any reason to. PLUS we would freaking know if they did, it would end up all over the news, as there is no way to hide that.

Yi-Long2015d ago

... I guess you missed all the recent news about the whole PRISM-scandal...!?

Lesson being: Don't be naieve. Don't trust.

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RyuCloudStrife2019d ago

Nope sorry MS I don't believe that.

miyamoto2019d ago

FreKing evil illuminati material here folks. very creepy.

mochachino2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Doesn't matter what MS claims it does or doesn't do, with this NSA scandal they'll probably know what color shirt your wearing when playing games.

There's no way I want an always on video camera that's connected to the internet at least ever 24 hrs in my living room.

ATi_Elite2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Big Brother, OOOPS I mean Kinect is WATCHING YOU!

anyway the NSA's ONLY job is to SPY on you 24/7/365. There are already SUPER DUPER computers that listen to EVERY Phone call and Cameras and Satellites that record major cities 24/7/365

I'm sure MS is gonna record you and then use that info to sell you Stuff.

Companies using PRISM "Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple"

These companies basically got PAID to help the Government set up a data base of Facial, Vocal, and Credit Card/Driver License # data base of ALL U.S. Citizens and now people Globally to be used for RECOGNITION SOFTWARE.

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Relientk772019d ago

Kinect is SUPPOSED to a gaming accessory used with Xbox games for motion gaming. It is NOT supposed to Microsoft's secret spy camera that watches you 24/7. It violates every users privacy, is completely unreasonable, and should not be used in this way at all.

dedicatedtogamers2019d ago

Um, excuse me Microsoft. You've been caught red-handed listening in before:

I don't care if you are not "recording". You could very well still be
- listening for key words
- counting how many times key words are spoken
- looking for brands/logos in my room

I mean, what's the point? They might not be "recording" but that's like a serial killer saying "well, at least I don't CHOP YOU UP after I kill you". so much better, right?

strigoi8142019d ago

Dear Microsoft we know you are listening..because once i swear while im playing and my kinect is ON, i know you are gonna do me i know stop the bullcrap you are DONE!

SOULJER2019d ago

They want to make their own XXX movies staring gamer's without paying them.

ltachiUchiha2019d ago

Lmao, make sure u aint making love while the system is on. Youll be on lol.

Relientk772019d ago

Don't give Microsoft any more bad ideas, I think we've seen enough lol

ltachiUchiha2019d ago


Why not? Id love to have that job haha joking lol. I agree mate. =]

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