Special: E3 2013 predictions – part I

Before we reveal all the news next week, we take our time to write down our predictions and hopes for this edition.

I start of the predictions articles with my personal top 5 things I’m looking forward to and 3 things I would like to see but won’t happen.

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RedHawkX2017d ago

I predict sony and nintendo completely dominates the xbox one.

bubble me up guys I need some more bubbles to do battle with xbox one lovers. I do not want xbox one to get one console sell.

we as gamers need to unite against xbox one.

sony, nintendo, pc, handheld gamers lets come together and stop the lord of the red rings. we will not take microsoft bs anymore!

jperez962017d ago

I love playstation and have never owned an Xbox but I dont see the need for this trolling its just annoying