Kojima on the upcoming E3 trailer for Metal Gear Solid V, it made Yumi Kikuchi cry

Yesterday Konami held their pre-E3 show, during which the voice actor for Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was revealed, as well as the themes 'race' and 'revenge'. However, the trailer Kojima has been working on wasn't shown here. Today, Kojima talked some more about this, and about E3 in general.

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Batzi2014d ago


Nyxus2014d ago

Yeah I really want to see that trailer. But we'll have to wait until June 12 it seems (hopefully it will be released earlier).

Batzi2014d ago

he said it was 20 mins long! I think at E3 he will demonstrate the game on PS4.

Donnieboi2014d ago

Do u think it's possible that the game might come out within a year's time from now? Tired of waiting tbh.

2014d ago
TrevorPhillips2014d ago

I can't wait for phantom pain and the other MGS game :') Respect to Kojima :)

Shadowsteal2014d ago

That poster looks really PS4-like. Here's hoping.

Nyxus2014d ago

That would be great. And a next gen version seems pretty likely.

Shadowsteal2014d ago

I'm trying to hint at an exclusive for PS4 to make up for it going to xbox360

Nyxus2014d ago

I wonder if the trailer will make clear what that is all about.

iNcRiMiNaTi2014d ago

No David Hayter. I would've cried too

Batzi2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

get over it.

Eamon2014d ago

15 years of Hayter dude. It'll be hard to get over it.

WitWolfy2014d ago Show
Batzi2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

try harder. I loved MGS1 because of Snake's voice and David's voice back then was the main reason why I started to play MGS1 because I was waiting for the next cutscene or codec sequence so that I can just sit there and listen to his voice. But then I learned that the series is bigger than just a voice actor and started to appreciate other aspects of the games such as the story, morals, themes, music, characters, graphics, art etc...Learn to move on and appreciate what's coming next. If Kojima is going to follow fan requests/services, then kiss "creativity" goodbye.

Rusco872014d ago

Althought he Hayter won't be returning, I believe that keifer is a good transition and it could have been someone a lot worse.
However, something still seems a bit strange, and I think that Hayter may yet still be the voice, and this could all be a classic Kojima wool-over-eyes ploy.
My reasons for this, is that in the pre E3 video, we are told keifer is mo capping the facial movements for big boss and voicing, but for the Japanese version of the game is being voiced by the same actor they have used since metal gear solid on the ps1. I've played these games from mgs1 and followed their releases over the years, and although the games are full of western themes, I have never known Kojima to develop for a western audience first, as they usually pre mgs4 catered towards a more Japanese audience, then redo the dialogue for a world wide release. These games have undeniably got bigger over the last ten years or so, gathering more attention the world over.
I guess my naive, and hopefully view of Hayter returning may have lead me to believe that if they are not replacing any of the other actors who play snake/big boss, then like everyone else I wonder why they are doing it for the western version? Again it's just a theory but I think they have managed to get me Sutherland on board with a huge prank in the gaming community, and hayters rants on messages of support on twitter, for me, are showing classic signs of a prank.

2014d ago