Pre-E3 – The Games That Will Win E3

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"In a mere 5 days time we will officially be in the future. Not just in terms of the actual space time continuum, but after Sony and Microsoft’s E3 conferences, we will have finally glimpsed into the future of gaming. Both companies have stated that their E3 presentations are going to be about the games, so we cannot wait to see the new and old faces set to appear on the PS4 and Xbox One. So, here are our picks for the games that will make Sony or Microsoft win E3 2013"

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TripC501992d ago

I have a feeling that E3 won't be won with a stage conference this year. U heard me.

Rusty5151991d ago

Wow what an underwhelming pun.
PS.4 your information, it WILL be a stage conference that wins E3

R00bot1991d ago

I hope so, the Wii U really needs to gain some traction before the PS4 and Xbox One join the brawl.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

3-4-51991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I see what U did there.

Qrphe1992d ago

If Versus were to ever be shown, I'd die happy.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1991d ago

Not just versus but like the articles main image, The Last Guardian, if announced coming some time in december of this year, my gawwd what a way to end the generation for the ps3. It would be the best track record of any console for this gen. Announcing that would just shut up everyone and and graciously bow the gaming caterers that are Sony and the Playstation brand

AngelicIceDiamond1991d ago

@Article How did I know MS and GTA V will be in the same category in that list.

goldwyncq1991d ago

Naughty Dog's next game after TLOU, whatever it is.

R00bot1991d ago

We won't see it this E3, and probably not the E3 after, either.

Pintheshadows1991d ago

I'm thinking it is 1866. ND had a logo recently that resembled an old naval map, and their other team has been quiet since Uncharted 3.

wastedcells1991d ago

Hope it's a game we don't know about yet.

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