Xbox One's 24-hour check-in policy pushes away a large market of gamers without web access

Gimme Gimme Games writes about how Microsoft's 24-hour check in policy to play games offline on the Xbox One will hurt them in the long run and how it pushes away low-income players.

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whoyouwit042017d ago

Like I said, I think Microsoft knows something about how soon high speed internet will be available in rural areas, just two months ago My only option for internet was dail up and satellite. But, now I have Dail up (which is free) Dish Net high speed Satellite internet and Earth Link DSL. However, here's the thing... in two months time I went from not being able to get high speed DSL to having a choice between 3 Earth Link, AT&T and Net Zero. I may have a choice of more, but these are the ones I am 100% positive I can get because they sent out cards saying DSL was now available in rural areas. If you think I am lying check out these pics.

As you can see I am no where near a city, my country house ( I do have a house in the city ) is about 10 to 13 miles from the nearest city. So, if I can get DSL out here I think it will be available pretty much everywhere soon, and maybe Microsoft knows it.

medman2017d ago

You're not too bright, are you.

steve30x2017d ago

Its not only the people without high speed internet they are pushing away. They are pushing away people who were going to buy the box but are alienating them with their 24 hour check in and used game fee. I was thinking of buying the console but with their DRM and used game fees I wont touch it. If this eventually moves to the PS4 I can see a lot of console gamers move to PC or handheld (IOS or ANDROID) gaming

whoyouwit042017d ago

Why I mean what the hell is the big deal.

steve30x2017d ago

I never have my console plugged in to the internet and everybody else I know in real life dont have their consoles plugged into the internet. Why should we be forced to do so? Also people buy used games because they are cheaper but Microsoft is putting an end to that

B-radical2017d ago

theres no used game fees

BootHammer2017d ago

I can't imagine this policy staying in place long. Even if you have 100MB down, there are outages and ISP issues that plague all of us each year at some point. That's ridiculous if you have an internet outage for longer then 24 hours you'll be stuck with a paperweight till it comes back up.

Surely this was announced now to gauge consumer reaction...and they sure got one.

medman2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Microsoft have well and truly screwed themselves with those of us who care about gaming. The more I hear, the less interested in Xbox One I become. It went from a possible purchase for me, to a definite no sale in a very short amount of time. I refuse to let a corporation dictate when, where, and how I use content or hardware I PURCHASED WITH MY HARD EARNED MONEY! Fuck Microsoft. Sony better not be adopting any such policies, or I won't be buying their console either. It will not please me to step away from console gaming, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be the whipping boy for any corporation. It gives me hope that Sony have stated there will be no online check in for their console, but a lot still remains left unsaid regarding other PS4 policies. E3 is do or die.

dethpuck2017d ago

it's the future suck it up. You are complaing about the Internet while being on the internet