Metal Gear Solid 4 Famitsu Scans

Check out the scanned pages from Famitsu 3/14 which were only previously seen as photo graphs of the page, now with much higher quality "new" images.


The site is having some server problems. They have posted it on their forums though, here:

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jwatt3679d ago

I know the single player will be great I hope MGO will be decent.

Alcohog3679d ago

What is up with the chickens in that one pic?

King20083679d ago

Hideo humor probably. That man is a friggin genius.

Vicophine3679d ago

Hideo Humor?...You should copyright that.

BulletBtweenUrEyes3679d ago

Has anyone in the U.S. pre-ordered MGS4 and recieved the beta code or disc or whatever it is thats going to allow me into the MGO beta.