Blacklight Retribution Accounts Will Not Transfer Over from PC to PS4

Blacklight Retribution's developer, Zombie Studios, has announced that you will not be able to transfer your PC account from Blacklight Retribution to the game's PS4 version.

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ltachiUchiha1992d ago

I dont think pc owners who buy a ps4 would buy this on the ps4 anyways because of the pc mods advantages. Just my opinion. If they buy a ps4 it will prolly be for exclusives u wont find on any other system.

NioRide1992d ago

It's also free on the PC, so why would you buy it?

ltachiUchiha1992d ago

Im just saying, why would u want to buy a ps4 version just to transfer all your stuff there if you already have the game anyways? Plus like u said its free. Same would go with any other game vise versa.

Tatsuya 1992d ago

great news, I don't want beginners to feel left out!