Dying Light Trailer

In this world, running will get you nowhere. Witness the first-ever trailer for the zombie game you might not expect.

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Pandamobile1965d ago

Intriguing concept, but with Techland's flawed track record, I think it'd be wise to hold a "wait and see" approach to this game.

General Shrooms1964d ago

Agreed, Dead Island was bad. Lets hope they learned a thing or two.

ReconHope1964d ago

Just what we needed- another CGI trailer to showcase next gen consoles. Where is the gameplay?

TechnicianTed1964d ago

Well CGI trailers are ok, but they don't mean a lot really when it comes to the actual game. I'll be interested to see if the actual gameplay is any good.

Studio-YaMi1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Agreed,their first Dead Island CGI trailer wa awesome too,the game though ? .. not so much !

Hopefully they learned a LOT from the gamers feedback and patch bugs of this new game head-on before release with some great gameplay features and a well written storyline.

axerated1964d ago

Another cgi trailer for a game from techland? Forgive me if I seem skeptical but given their history expect the game to be a heartless experience that's nothing like they suggest

Goro1964d ago

Techland is rushing out as many games as they can which are pretty much the same thing in a different setting

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