Is the PS3 finally worth it in 2008?

In these belt tightening times, if you absolutely must have a next gen console, is your only logical choice a PS3? Sarcastic Gamer examines the conundrum of the PS3 and how it stands to fare in 2008.

From the article: "When you come right down to it, a person buying a new console during this time would only likely pick up 3 to 4 games total. The PS3 and the 360 both have some truly great multi-platform titles that would fill in the gaps between each console's exclusives. Trying to say just which console has the better pool of exclusives is one way to get yourself burned."

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TrevorPhillips3647d ago

yea it is matter of fact it will be worth it till 2012 :)

shadowghost7523647d ago

I agree.

Hopefully for longer

sonarus3647d ago

yea ps3 is worth it. When you consider the blu ray player and the fact that it can play some excellent exclusives. I have to say it is very very worth it.

switch-it3647d ago

Jesus Christ. When do we not have to hear the same question over and over again. Please buy a PS3 and shut up!

Bathyj3647d ago

I love these stupid titles?

It was worth it in 2006, its more than worth it now.

One good point I've bought up before. The X crowd always like to point out the vast ocean that is their library of software, but anyone buying a console will likely only buy 1 or 2 or maybe 4 or 5 games with it. There are more than enough good games on both consoles to keep people happy. The question is which exclusives do you want more and what other features do you like.

Glad to be a gamer3647d ago

Now that they are sorting out the lack of rumble,psn and lack of games the ps3 will be a great buy but i think it still needs another year

Home looks great,few good quality exc titles out now and more on the way,br player and can be used as a pc with linux.

Well done Sony your finally giving gamers what we want.

On a side note i think most gamers know that Sony will eventually win the hardware war due to blue ray but i for one am enjoying the 360 exp and im thankful to ms for giving me some truly great games last year with more to come and hope that both ps3 and 360 have a successful year as both fundamentally are great games consoles.

Bet know one here likes the last paragraph to neutral for some peoples taste.

Price versus Br its gonna be an intersting to see which the general public value more. i think it will be price this year that wins though but br next year with the mainstreaming of hd tv's/content

novaIS3503647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Totally Agree with you. Seems like every other bum-ass gaming "news" site has to have one of these articles. Is the PS3 really a PS3? Is the PS3 really black? Can the PS3 out PS3 the PS3? These articles make me want to bat a dolphin or punt a small child out of a window. Please N4G don't approve anymore whack ass top ten reasons lists and is the PS3 really a game console articles. Thanks and have a nice day.

For those who disagree: Refer to the sales charts for every major region for the last 2 months.

sonarus3647d ago

Why would ps3 need another yr with all the great things coming this yr?
Only reason to wait till next yr is price.

sonarus3647d ago

NO not 7-8 months. As soon as MGS4 comes out PS3 becomes very very worth it. Especially if they drop price by like 50 bucks.

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Jack Meahoffer3647d ago

Future Proof means in the FUTURE there may be PROOF your money was well spent. No proof right now. But trust Sony. At some distant future date basic features like in game chat and in game friend management will be out. One of these years Home will come out.

THEN maybe then IF it works can you Sony fanboys brag you have a free service. To me $1 a week is worth it for a real online service.

wAtdaFck3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

People are gonna hate us for this, but I do agree. I think that it would have been a simple job for Sony to have integrated in-game voice chat and in-game friend messeges/management right from the start, since it was launched a year later from the console that did have those features. But I do hope Home changes all that.

Though, Jack, I think your defining the PS3's future proofness in its ability to be future proof? Sony has the ability to (and hopefully will) upgrade its Online Service and functionalities, and thus making it future proof?

I do believe that the PS3 is worth buying right now (it was since the
60GB imo) because to me, the games/movies already justify its purchase. Though, I do hope that Sony makes it even more worth its purchase seeing the events of this year.

carl ps33647d ago

Its worth EVERY penny!:P
It's Built 2 LAST
&there HAS been good games out 4 it so far:P
&FREE on-line play
&the things coming WILL ROCK!:P

butterfinger3647d ago

Ok, here he is trolling again....

What will these xbots say when the PS3 has in-game xmb, home, psn-connect, a completely new store with downloadable movies, and a solid list of exclusives by the end of the summer (and it's still free lol)? They will truly have nothing to say. I guess we'll have to hear "Just wait, GeOW2 is gonna be awesome!" Haha. Patience is a virtue and PS3 owners already know their investment was worth it:)

Snukadaman3647d ago

Factor in the recent problems with multiplatform games as one of the reason....another one is everything comes later as in 21 days later for cod4 maps...demos...factor in the wonky free online..another reason is the price of blu-ray movies...Just wait for the new and improved ps3 1.5 with more ram and a faster blu-ray drive...then and only then it will be the superior console....but by that time it will be too late.

Pain3647d ago

Just say Pretty please with a 4kg bag of sugar on top~

people should be asking is XBOX 360 worth it in 08 thats the big Q

Mr Playboy3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I already got mine in 2007, trust me guys its not worth it especially for gamers, beside if you have a 360 YOU will never touch the PS3, so I think its better to wait than regret

"once you go black you never come back"

Black = xbox360

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toughNAME3647d ago

but there are still unannounced games that could still pull me in

GamerSigma3647d ago

If MSG4 is the bomb, then I'm in.

shadowghost7523647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

MGS4 will be the bomb as will all other PS3 exclusives in 2008

blusoops3647d ago

it was already worth it in 2006!

jwatt3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

It' going to be the year 2012 and people will still be asking this dumb question.

Danja3647d ago

Never once did I regret spending $600+ on the PS3...RFOM kept me company ..then Motorstorm came then NG:Sigma...

meepmoopmeep3647d ago

yup, i got my launch and never regretted it. EVER. it just gets better and better. But 2008 lineup will pull in a lot of the PS2 fanbase. All the big franchises are coming and it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon.

Bathyj3647d ago

You guys are what a happy customer sounds like.

Ever notice the people who complain about PS3 all the time, dont have one?

Ever notice how people without PS3's never sound happy or even know what the word means?

Glad to be a gamer3647d ago

You guys that jumped in at launch got done over like a kipper can't for the life of me see how your happy about that.

Enlighten me?

meepmoopmeep3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

how did we get done in?

if you truly enjoyed the machine since launch and have used it for everything it offers does it not make you satisfied? and doesn't your satisfaction justify everything? i've used my PS3 for everything from gaming, movies, music, online. it just offers so much.

i'm more than satisfied and that's all that matters to me.

gambare3647d ago

The only ones not happy with the PS3 are the ones who doesn't have a PS3

Glad to be a gamer3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Last year you had a decent shooter an average racer and a fighting game without online(vf5 on the 360 has remedied this travesty) and a remake of tekken 5 up untill around christmas.

Upon which you finally got 3 great exc(all single player only "so last year!") 2 of which have no replay value, 1 of which took 6 hours to finish! And all 3 managed to not win a single award last year(not even best graphics.)

Add to that the fact all of your games were eclipsed by the competitions offerings last year in every single genre and you've missed out/still missing out on the fantastic unpricable online exp of playing gears.halo3,forza2,Vf5 and Pgr4.

On top of that your investment has been slashed in price and will drop again before the end of the year when the Ps3 will finally have the game catalogue to be worth its initial price tag.

You also have to upgrade your exspensive six axis control to finally exp rumble on a ps3 game. Or worse still if you want bc for your console and waited and bought a 40gb you now must sell it to upgrade to an 80gb model.

I mean the fact that most of you are so excited about prologue demo shows how starved of racing games you must be.

Dont get me wrong the cars look great but you can get triple the amount of tracks,cars and online/offline features with Forza2 for free when you buy a 360 with viva pinata and an extra control thrown in on top of that for good measure.

i won't even mention rpg's as that would just be cruel. Eternal sonata is really good by the way you should play it when it finally comes to the ps3

Why are satisified with your launch day purchase again?

You guys were the guinea pigs as you are going to be with Gt5 prologue s online mode so that sony can get it right for the masses.

Sony have raided your pockets for little in return and you love them for it!?!!?

Wow some of you are a marketing mans wet dream. lol

Torch3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

What meepmoopmeep (3.6) said.

Simple as that, really.

Why is that so hard to understand?

Not unlike your long-winded, highly-debatable, subjective list of why ***YOU*** think we "shouldn't" be satisfied with our console of choice, our opinions and degrees of satisfaction are our own.

I feel no need to rebut your "reasons", despite the fact that every single one of them is either weak, flawed, inaccurate, hostile, or insanely biased.

Just because this is a gaming site, and we all (supposedly) share the common interest, there are many of us who are not limited to gaming "tunnel vision" and possess an equal or greater level of passion for other non-gaming interests, perhaps many of which the PS3 satisfies impeccably.

Is the PS3 finally worth it in 2008?

Hell, NO!!!...

It was already well worth it in 2006, as far as I'm concerned.

But please, do enlighten us, as to why you're so hard-pressed and driven to convince us otherwise.

I can't help but get the feeling that the technical marvel and value that is the PS3 makes you really pissed and bitter.

If you don't like it, move along and stick with an XBox 360.

And I promise not to question you on your console of choice, despite the myriad of reservations and peeves I have about the system.

Now how about you go play some games and let us continue to enjoy our beloved PS3's in peace already.

toughNAME3647d ago

PS3 fans have been without a certain quality which is needed for gaming for a long time.

I always see PS3 fans needing to justify their purchase, not just on this article. Which makes me think their insecure? Which would make perfect sense.

Torch3647d ago

Wow, is that ever an ironic statement.

(and it's "they're", by the way.)

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Fluffy2Duffy3647d ago

PS3 wil be worth for the next 7-8 years! what games we expect after a AAA game such as Killzone2, MGS4, RE5? What happened to The Getaway game? Before PS3 launch they show some footage of Getaway and now its silence...

N4M3L3553647d ago

I think they want the GTA hype to die down. Hopefully we'll hear something at E3, by then the PS3 will be riding on the success of MGS4. By then all of the haters will hopefully stop bashing the PS3 and play beyond.