Daylight announced for PS4 and PC, Atlus potentially publishing

"Tonight's episode of GTTV just revealed that Zombie Studios' psychological horror game, Daylight, is coming to both PS4 and PC next year. This is exciting as Zombie tells us that they've worked hard to scare the sh*t out of us. Now I'll be able to sh*t my pants and then share it with the PS4's Share button.

Could this be the Atlus title that was teased on Twitter earlier today? They were talking about "scary things" with this tweet, and this is definitely a scary game. A later tweet drops the word "zombie" -- the studio's name. Hmm."

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Qrphe1988d ago

Maybe Atlus' game wasn't shown on GTTV after all. It appears Daylight will be a downloadable title which means it doesn't require a publisher on neither PS4 nor PC.

NewMonday1988d ago

console exclusives are stacking up for the PS4 without Sony having to pay anything, like MS did for TitanFall, and for those who can only get one platform the PS4 looks to have the best value+content.

but as a PC/console gamer this will not matter to me and others like me (our numbers have grown over the last year), what matters are the true exclusives.

One4U1988d ago

holy crap with so many exclusives i dont know if i can keep up anymore ! i was like 6 months behind when Sony releasd an exclusive like every month in 2011 ! lol i picked up UNCHARTED 3, 6 months late cause of it

egidem1988d ago

I totally agree.

I've been seeing exclusives coming to the PS4 one after another.

If they keep this up, I can guarantee you that Sony will be rewarded by gamers for their efforts to bring what matters to gamers: the games.

As for me, I feel the cycle is going to repeat - lots of must play exclusive games but with no cash to buy them!

Krosis1987d ago

This game isn't an exclusive.

Kyosuke_Sanada1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I just hope the new horror that will be released will be hosted by Trisha, The Midnight Venus.

Sketchy_Galore1988d ago

I hope the game version is better than the real thing. From what I remember I never was a big fan. Too bright.

EmptySkyForm1988d ago

Wow. I was hoping for persona 5.

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The story is too old to be commented.