Xbox One 24 hour check via mobile connections?

Will gamers be able to perform the 24 hour check in using their mobile phone networks?

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DivineAssault 2020d ago

That helps the problem! Lets all set our alarms to go off at a certain time every day just to check in with M$ & let them know we are all good.. Ya ok

JokesOnYou2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

No if a mobile connection like 3g is used then no schedule is needed, just use your cell phone to briefly connect at your convenience. dont stay connected, its not that you have to check in every 24hrs if you arent gaming for a week, no just every 24hrs since you last signed in or the next time you play whichever comes first, its a brief verification to ID your console/games.

This is another option for those who dont have internet...why are you mad?

Edit: Pope Kaz I'm not a follower of your church, I do what I want. lol

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2020d ago

Jokesonyou stop defending ms in every article when they are completely in the wrong, hey man bring over street fighter we will have some games.... oh well our hour is up...was fun while it lasted.

Shadow Flare2020d ago

In next weeks news:

"Microsoft: Gamers Stink, Xbox One Will Not Play Any Games"

JokesOnYou: "We'll that's ok, Microsoft knows what's best for us. I'm sure tv is actually fantastic. I haven't watched enough tv lately"

GrumpyOla2020d ago

Why does anyone have to check in every 24? I though parole was abolished a long time ago. Guess MS didn't hear about it.

mcstorm2020d ago

Ide love to know how many people on here who are kicking up a fuss about the xbox one were going to get one anyone and I would love to see the number of people who own a 360 and don't have an internet connection.

If you think its a bad idea that's fine and it means you are not going to buy the console and you can go and buy a PS4 or even a WiiU but are people who buy these consoles not going to use them on line to?

This site is really full of moaning people and they jump from one band to another. A few weeks ago its was all doom and gloom about the Wiiu before that it was the PSV before that it was the 3DS.

If this is a gaming site then why don't you go out and support the console you want by buying the games you want and if someone likes something different accept it rather than going on and on how your hardware/software is better than there's.

We have a choice in life and if this move is a big mistake then we will see this when sales are poor of the xbox one. If its not a bad choice by them we will see xbox one sales do well.

Apocalypse Shadow2020d ago

Lmao!!!....the jokes on you!

We told you guys that Microsoft is evil.don't pay for live.but noooooo!

We told you guys for years to be better consumers.but nooooo!

If Sony does it,screw them too.but we told you guys for years to not support their business it comes to this and may screw us all.....shame....

Why o why2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

C'mon mcstorm

The irony is you're moaning about people complaining. I own a ps360 and I'm annoyed at what's transpired. I'm not magically given one option to either moan or not buy...I can do both and then some.

Even jokes on you has voiced some reservations about whats happening (he seems to be back on de mode today though ;). Should it only be 360 die hards who can voice their opinion. If you separate the wheat from the chaff, in regards to opinions, you can see many aren't just pissed at ms, but anxious about the path these practices may lead our industry, especially if others follow suit, making it the norm. DD was destined to open pandoras box....I'm not trying to jump in head first like this I'm afraid.

I will voice my opinion and would expect those who genuinely have concerns to voice them too

SuperLupe2020d ago

I agree with you. If you can perform the 24h check in with your mobile that solves the "if I dont have a connection problem".

That said ... I just dont feel comfortable having to signal to MS everyday "Hey I'm here" if I game on a daily basis for instance. There's just something off with the whole procedure ... cant exactly pin point it.

I am ready though to bypass it if the XOne comes with the games, exclusive games of course, otherwise no need tu put up with all the hassle.

DirtyMagician2020d ago

You do what you want yet you are willing to check in with Microsoft everyday?

I think you way want to go away and think about what you just said.

JokesOnYou2020d ago

"You do what you want yet you are willing to check in with Microsoft everyday?"

You act is if I'm personally going down to the police station to get drug tested, lol my 360 right now signs me in everyday when I turn it on. Its a passive login not a damm full body cavity search stop being so dramatic. Theres nothing you physically have to do.

Baka-akaB2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

The issues others got with fans like you , is that every new bad news every gaming gen , you are nonchalant saying "so ? it's not a big deal" .

Meanwhile the issues and grievance keeps piling up , as they keep testing our breaking point , even if you seem to have none so far .

it keeps getting worse , more and more intrusive , but "hey it's ok it's not a cavity search and probe" -_- .

The funny part is i'm not even sure some fanboys still wouldnt spin a cavity search positively :p .

More seriously , and that the sad part , none of you fanboys are even hable or trying to at least spin some benefits and gain from those measures . All you got is "it's not SO BAD" .

You all prance around issues , minimise them and can't argue a benefit from being forced to check in to play offline . And no , social features arent even a benefit at all for offline players so we can't even go there .

3-4-52019d ago

@ Jokes...Yea let me just have to buy a $400 smart phone now to + the $60 internet just so I can turn on my xbox one while I'm not in the room when they spent millions on a feature for me to do same thing when in the room ?

I think the joke is on you buddy

JokesOnYou2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )


Well its you that have issues, #1 I've made it clear since before and after micro's May 21st presentation which was UNclear on their DRM used game policy that I didn't like it, everything else I have been very clear that always on 24hr check, is not a problem for me. I guess you only hear what you want to hear.

JokesOnYou + 1d 1h ago
"where you see a negative I see something cool, ease of use, convenience sure it may not be for everybody but why in the hell would I complain about things that I actually like or dont mind for ex. always on 24hr check, controller charging, kinect, media/tv intergration, these are are things that I think are going to make MY experience better in the long run, as for used game drm, No I hate it, I spoke out, Ive sent negative emails almost daily on xbox live, Ive put negative feedback on forums, Ive participated in the no drm xbox twitter campaign but what im not going to do is let you or others like you on n4g dictate to me whats good for me."

lol, it seems YOU want to make me complain, and force your opinion down my throat, well find another one "looking to fit in" with your BS, I've had internet for 12+ years, a quick internet check in doesn't bother me 1 bit, I PRAYED for Kinects inclusion in all consoles so dev's can take FULL ADVANTAGE OF ITS IMPLEMENTATION INTO HYBRID GAMES, instead holding back with shallow add on support because not everybody has one....these are the issues, this is my opinion but I'm sure it will fly right over your head 'cause you cant fathom the idea that YOUR SITUATION/preferences ARE not whats best for everybody. ps4 suits me less, I hate the (ps3)controller, I enjoyed less games on ps3 vs 360, I like shooters but KZ bores me, psn lacks the community I have on 360, SO my assumption is that for these reasons+other minor preferences ps4 won't give me the best gaming experience yet I'm not so self conscious enough to spend my time ranting all over ps3/ps4 news. TLOU btw looks like it will be 1 of the few games like UC2 that I really like on kidding.

NO grievances are piling up, the original rumors were that there would be no used games and the console would be "always on", yet when micro clarifies (likely due to xbox forum/twitter complaints from real xbox fans like ME who really do care and not you sonyfanboys) then you guys move the goal post. Like every xbox fan said before the presentation and same for E3 NOTHING will ever be good enough for you sonyfanboys, YOU know that, I know that and anybody who isn't blind can see you guys are in it for the witch hunt not the improvement of the brand. Come on bro, I didn't start n4g yesterday why do you guys who've been hating on everything xbox for years TRY TO ACT LIKE SAINTS SENT TO SAVE THE INDUSTRY? lmfao, just stop.

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Septic2020d ago

This is a POSSIBLE solution to a problem that should never have existed in the first place.

angelsx2020d ago

That's getting ridiculous

Gildarts2020d ago

This is a great solution actually I hope it will be possible. Not many people have a standard internet connection. But a lot of people have a connected cellphone.

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Gamer-Z2020d ago ShowReplies(1)
strigoi8142020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

totally B.S. why do i have to be restricted like that... One thing for developers, if you really want money from us gamers, well better step up and give us good quality games..simple as that. if your game is good everybody will hype it and everybody will be interested to get their own copy to play it..

Gamers do have the right to sell their games if your game sucks we will sell it maybe full price or half price to get another game which is more better one

bobtheimpaler2020d ago

This is just unbelievable. Why would anybody put up with something that has so many ridiculous and unnecessary hurdles. They're treating people like criminals on probation.

HaHa_Ostrich2020d ago

As a kid I always wanted other consoles besides playstation like N64, dreamcast, xbox, gamecube, x360. But I never had enough money to afford more than one console each generation. Now that I do have enough money, I dont want any other console besides playstation.

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