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jams_shop3764d ago

I did not expect it to sold out so soon.

TheHater3764d ago

It Metal Gear Solid in Japan. What do you think? :)
Konami better create more of these limited edition copies before the games is release

sonarus3764d ago

lol MGS4 baby. Just a lil over 2 months to go. Don't really care for the limited edition ps3 but i will be going for the limited edition mgs4

jahcure3764d ago

Halo 3. WOW!!! Did anyone else realize that this game got none of the super hype that Halo 3 got, from tv spots to drinks, to sneakers, to helmets,..etc. This is how a title sells itself.

MURKERR3764d ago

are a sell-out first gran turismo now metal gear

people were saying once the big hitters come ps3 will truly take off,im starting to believe

mikeslemonade3764d ago

MGS is biggest in the U.S. and I wouldn't be surprised if 20% of the preorders came from the U.S.

MADGameR3764d ago

MGS4 is the TOP of the line! WHEW! SONY is going to have a GREAT summer! XD

travelguy2k3764d ago

this limited edition is actually "limited" number of quantities...

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360sucks3764d ago

its only the start
2 million pre-orders by may

fenderputty3764d ago

the MGS series has it's ups and downs with sales but, almost everyone I know is pumped about this game. Seeing what they can do to the series on a new/beefed up system is very appealing to anyone who's played at least one MGS.

First day purchase for me.

jams_shop3764d ago

I wish the US gets something like that not just the same old piano black PS3.

crck3764d ago

The US never got a PSP fat in any other color but black. Even Europe got White and Pink as well as a Pink PS2. Tretton needs to learn that color choices are good and can only help sales.

Sevir043764d ago

and people say this game isn't mass market, LOL!!! MGS4 for the win

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The story is too old to be commented.