As Expected, Francis Is Not Happy at All About Today's Xbox One News

Kotaku - Think you're mad about tonight's flood of controversial news from Microsoft about the Xbox One? Your rage pales next to Francis' fury.

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Narutone662014d ago

The Kinect is sturdier-made than the 360. Lol. Couldn't break it easily. I got a feeling that Kinect is Hal 9000's ancestor.

sprinterboy2014d ago

agreed, seriously how many times did he have to hit that thing lol, 1 up for MS on that cause thats all your gonna get lol

nix2014d ago

"Do you see what i see???" lol.

One4U2014d ago

funny how he struggled to break the kinect bar ! Shit whats that thing made of !

Relientk772014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

This guy is hilarious, he really is

I lost it when he said the Kinect thought he was a couch haha

Relientk772014d ago

Yeah the Xbox reveal one was hilarious


sprinterboy2014d ago

I guess I am not MS target demographic lol, hit the nail on the head.

Mottsy2014d ago

I'm My Couch!!!! HAHAHa best thing that has come out of the new xbox reveal to date.

Blackdeath_6632014d ago

yeah he is funny, you should watch his serious video when he is not making that voice and gives his actual thoughts not just a funny rant.

Mottsy2013d ago

Just watched his real review. He was pretty spot on and had some very good points.

ardivt2014d ago

there's also a video called "Actual Opinion on the Xbox One" from boogie and it's also pretty good and a more reasonable counterpart

DragonKnight2014d ago

I can't believe Kotaku did this. You have the ability to make your own content about this, and instead you try to capitalize on a youtubers video. I am not surprised.

Boogie2988 is awesome though. Francis or no.

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The story is too old to be commented.