WhatIfGaming Feature: What The Legends Play

WhatIfGaming writes:

"Something dawned on me today after reading long pieces by some notable writers out of pure interest for my love reading and expressing myself through writing. As I was perusing through the words that made my mind's image at the time, I sat back and thought about the pure awe of all the people that have gone by and made an influence in our lives."

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khellendros13742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I'm not sure about some of these. Why wouldn't Sir Francis Drake play Uncharted since it is about his great,great,..... grandson who is looking for his gold. And I'm not sure if Hemingway would be playing Condemned 2. Oh well, cool read.

garypaytonglove3742d ago

I would have finished reading the rest of this post but I was stopped after the first example when I was told from the author that William Shakespeare wrote The Tell-Tale Heart. Any self-respecting Simpsons fan can tell you that Edgar Allan Poe wrote that short story. For shame whatifgaming...

JoyiusHammer3742d ago

I think that was an error. Their site was screwy as of late. It's Edgar still. Perhaps you hit it during the maintenance hours.