NVIDIA Quad SLI Is Back, Two Cards, Four GPUs = FAST

Last week, NVIDIA formally launched the dual-GPU powered GeForce 9800 GX2 graphics card and nForce 790i SLI Ultra chipset. We evaluated both of the products in depth in our coverage of the launch, but had to leave out one important detail per NVIDIA's embargo agreement - that being Quad-SLI.

It wasn't that Quad-SLI needed some more time in the oven, however. In fact, we had the drivers in hand to do Quad-SLI testing well before last week's launch. The delay in GeForce 9800 GX2 Quad-SLI coverage was simply due to a timing issue and commitments NVIDIA had made with a few of their OEM customers, who will likely be announcing Quad-SLI powered system sometime today.

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bourner3622d ago

i heard that ddr3 dosent work with 8800gtx unless tehy are are in crossfire . bit of topic but its just what i heard

VirusE3622d ago

Crossfire is for ati cards. Sli is for nvidia.

IdleLeeSiuLung3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Who can afford to pay these outragous cost associated with PC Gaming? Instead of paying for a gaming PC I can buy a used car, go on a nice vacation or invest in a retirement account.

Worse is when PC game developers constantly make their game catered to the high end market we have a problem. Also, it "seems" like a lot of time the games on a console look better than the same game on my PC with a semi-decent rig.... That is of course a subjective view, but still!

pwnsause3622d ago

you hit it right in the bullseye, bubs for you.

Phoebian3622d ago

My thoughts exactly, one of the main reasons I am considering selling my PC and buying a laptop and a new console when GTA is out.(with the help of a few weeks wages)

JsonHenry3621d ago

Lol, you don't need 4! It is just an e-penis sort of thing. Hey look, I got 4 GPUs! I am uber cool!

If you think THIS is why you are not into PC gaming then you have NEVER been a PC gamer and know nothing about it. So stop pretending "this" is why you are going to sell your PC. If you just want to console game then go for it.

But hardcore gamer (which is what a lot of PC gamers are) is more than happy to upgrade once every year and a half to get the newest physics/graphical experience while the albeit more affordable console only gamers are stuck with a limited experience for a 5-7 year cycle.

INehalemEXI3621d ago

Graphics card prices drop just like console prices do. When these are priced at 50% what they are now like approx $300. I will get a couple of them and replace my 2 8800 GTS. Unless theres a better alternative by then.

Grado SR-603621d ago

buying a 9800 series card would be dumb even @ $300. Its just old tech from the 8800gt and 8800gts with higher clock frequencies. Come june Nvidia and Ati should have at least released details about their true next generation of chips and will then try and bash each others heads in in regards to price and performance. Again 9800 series is just nvidia milking old tech even though they could have released their newer chips but why would they when ati can't seem to get their sh!t together.